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PIM: From basic to next generation

All about Product Information Management

eBook: PIM -  From Basic to Next Generation

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Disruption has become the norm across industries as technologies advance and today’s consumers become more knowledgeable and demanding. Dubbed as “new customers”, the biggest consumer demographics to date, Generations Y and Z, have taken over with their mindsets and requirements.

One of their requirements is accurate, complete, consistent and relevant product information – anytime, anywhere and on any device in order to make better purchasing decisions.

On top of that, they’re expecting businesses to know them and provide them with personalized experiences – or else they take their business somewhere else.

How to meet their demands? Product Information Management can help!

In “PIM: From basic to next gen”, learn:

  • More about “new customers” and how they shop
  • Why start digitalization with product information and data quality
  • How Next Gen PIM helps you give experiences your customers want

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