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From inspiration to action: Create successful shoppable content with PIM and DAM

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Consumers shopping online today expect more than ever before. Buying is no longer just finding an item, putting it in a basket and checking out, consumers want exciting stories to share and memorable experiences. This level of demand has inspired many businesses to embrace storytelling as a form of selling, through engaging content which include detailed descriptions, stories, images, videos, articles, ads and so much more.

Simple content is no longer enough, especially if consumers need to go through several steps before buying a product. Most of the time, consumers can even fail to find the right product. In fact, according to a Forrester research, 90% of customers often abandon if they can’t find the information quickly. This creates frustrated and unwanted customers; it also leads to the potential sharing of the negative experiences, impacting a brand’s image and reputation.

Fortunately for brands, retailers and even B2B companies, technology continues to transform online shopping – using shoppable content to shorten the path to purchase by erasing the gap between content and check out. For instance, the world's largest online marketplace, Amazon, has recently enhanced its stores with shoppable images and has reported shopper interaction with the images increased from 19% to 26%. This proves that shoppable content is the way to go.

Shoppable content is any content that provides customers with an opportunity to purchase a product or service immediately from the content they are viewing. It also enables companies to design a compelling story through vibrant and rich images, captivating videos and informative publications that inspire customers to complete a purchase straight from the page. Still, creating shoppable content is not easy. Producing this kind of content requires the harmonization of product content with rich digital assets.

Check out our new ebook to learn how Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions establish the foundation needed to create inspirational and aspirational shoppable content. This ebook provides insights and examples on how to best incorporate shoppable content across your digital channels.

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  • An in-depth explanation of shoppable content, types and how it works
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