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nexoma GmbH

nexoma - we love what we do - and that's consulting and developing software around data onboarding, data syndication and feed management. Our know-how, which has been grown for more than 11 years, is composed by many different languages - e.g. the dialects ETIM and ECLASS within the language of classification models and BMEcat among the language of exchange formats.

Our Transformation Virtuoso: CatalogExpress

CatalogExpress is the ideal solution for your data syndication and feed management needs. Utilizing various connectors such as the Contentserv Connector, CatalogExpress can extract your product data from various source systems including Contentserv PIM, ERP systems, as well as file formats like XLSX, JSON, XML, and others. These data are then meticulously validated. Subsequently, the data is tailored to the preferences of your customers, for different marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, or for trade companies in industries such as HVAC, tools, ironware, industrial equipment, electrical, or construction, to name a few. Whether you wish to use standardized electronic catalogs like BMEcat, ETIM, or ECLASS or require customization to meet specific requirements, CatalogExpress provides the flexibility you need.

Seamless Data Onboarding with the Supplier-Portal

Our Supplier-Portal solution is designed to assist you as a retailer in obtaining product data from your suppliers more effortlessly and with a higher quality standard. Your suppliers can independently map product data to the appropriate target format using a user-friendly interface. Subsequently, your supplier's product data undergoes a thorough quality check. Only when it meets your quality standards, the data is imported into your Contentserv PIM for further processing.

コンピテンシー:  ソフトウェア開発, eコマース, 印刷ソリューション, コンサルティング, 実装・導入支援,

From the outset, our partnership has been truly exceptional. We swiftly forged a strong connection and share a technological synergy. We were seamlessly integrated right from the start, and both of us have been wholeheartedly embracing and nurturing this partnership ever since.

Fabian Fischer, Sales and Business Development