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Transforming basic data into outstanding product copy - Unleash the power of AI

October 25, 2023 - 04:00 to 05:00 pm - online

Be there and create your product texts innovatively and automatically

Get to know the connector from Contentserv to Retresco in a practical way. We will show you how informative product texts are created from pure data and what preparatory work is necessary so that you can get the full potential out of it for your company. Our partners kolb digital GmbH, who developed the connector, and Retresco GmbH will give you the best possible overview. From basic data to exceptional product texts - Let AI be your voice.

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Your experts

Timo Wollny
kolb digital GmbH
Timo Wollny
Matthias Fertig
Senior Account Executive,
Retresco GmbH
Matthias Fertig

Register now and be there live

This webinar is for anyone interested in how AI-based tools can help with content creation and who wants to make their content creation process more efficient.

Join us and take your product copy to the next level!