Master Data Management

Better data. No regret decision-making.

Leverage high-quality operational data to gain key insights on how best to respond
to market conditions and better serve your customers and shareholders.

Gain a single view of trusted product data

Eliminate data silos across your organization and create a single view of trusted data from disparate, duplicate and conflicting information.

Make insight-driven business decisions

Give executives, employees, partners and other stakeholders quicker and better access to high-quality, business-critical data that is relevant and actionable.

Boost performance and operational efficiency

Use agile data processes to improve responsiveness, productivity and overall collaboration between business teams and partners.

Case Study: PIM – A Strong Foundation for
Digital Transformation

Learn how Zijerveld, a global cheese manufacturer and distributor, achieved complete transparency, full compliance and e-commerce success with Contentserv.

What is Master Data Management (MDM)?

A Master Data Management solution allows businesses to align multiple information management technologies from different departments or business units to a single point of reference, commonly known as a Golden Record, to create and manage a complete and accurate record of critical data.

Reduce data duplication

Maximize efficiency and accuracy when consolidating critical data from multiple systems and sources into one central location to get a single view of master data by creating Golden Records.

Increase confidence in your data

Organize, define and implement policies, procedures and standards for your data to produce high-quality information that is valuable, relevant and timely.

Deliver valuable product experiences

Link product data to other data domains such as supplier, location, and even digital assets for a complete 360-degree view of information.

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