Master Data Management

Contentserv’s MDM solution is purpose-built
to power your business to make intelligent decisions.

Data Governance

Define and enforce rules and policies, and establish processes, procedures and accountability for a set of data to maintain its accuracy and consistency, all while preventing data silos.

Data Quality

Define cleansing rules that reflect your organization’s standards. De-duplicate complex data regardless of language or structure. Leverage rule-based classification, normalization and matching and linking functionality to ensure the quality of your content.

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Data Stewardship

Grant or restrict access to a specific set of data, and to whom can edit, download or delete them. Easily define and configure roles and privileges down to the record and attribute level for complete control. Tasks can be created, delegated, approved and completed according to a user’s roles and privileges.

Contentserv is ISO 27001 certified

The security of your data is our highest priority – highlighting our commitment to maintaining the highest security levels for our customers’ data, now and in the future. Our certification means that we can proactively identify any risks, mitigate them as quickly as possible, and be willing to have all information security policies and capabilities audited every three years.

See the ISO 27001 certificate here

Contentserv Success Stories

Contentserv’s solution will enable us to eliminate data silos in our organization by facilitating the collection and exchange of information between our teams.

Pascal Pozzobon, Chief Information Officer
La Maison du Whisky

Your End-to-End Solution for Marketers, Creatives and Digital Teams

Version & History Management

Control the storage of different versions of a dataset to create a seamless audit trail for traceability and compliance. Auto-generate past versions, maintain referential integrity of all objects, control versions at the attribute level and rollback to a previous version in the system.

Partner-Specific Endpoints

Unique endpoints ensures that external sources of product information are onboarded and that data quality errors are identified and resolved prior to merging to your master catalog.

Match & Merge

Consolidate data from multiple users, external content sources and aggregators that contribute to the same product dataset by automatically matching and merging conflicting datasets using configurable thresholds to create a Golden Record.

Automated Workflow Management

Trigger actions to automate workflows and assign tasks via rule-based configurations. Allow internal and external contributors to join in on your business process. Extend your workflows at the Enterprise level by integrating them with Enterprise Workflow Engines.

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