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High-quality product data for a stronger brand


Manufacturers need to provide high-quality product content to multiple trading partners and, in some instances, to consumers in an omnichannel environment. In addition, today’s distributors, retailers and consumers desire accurate and personalized product information right at their fingertips. However, many manufacturers still work with siloed, disparate data impacting their time-to-market, ultimately hurting revenue and brand loyalty.

Contentserv addresses these challenges by offering a solution that delivers trusted operational data across your organization. Our solution delivers high-quality data via cleansing rules, data de-duplication and matching and linking capabilities. This enables you to efficiently manage, update and share accurate, complete and consistent product data with your distribution network, retail partners and consumers – all from a single, centralized repository.

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Distribute Valuable Data

Synchronize product data with confidence


Delivering up-to-date product information to retailers and distributors reduces errors, confusion and most importantly, protects your brand. Product data discrepancies result in poor customer experiences down the line, leading to low customer satisfaction. Further, your partners may expect product data to be delivered in a specific format or at a determined time.

Our solution delivers product data to retailers and distributors how and when they want it by automatically syndicating product information, regardless of format, language, currency or physical location. Furthermore, it empowers you to publish content on multiple commerce platforms, enhance your product data with rich digital assets and localize information to accurately convey the value of your products to a global audience.

Learn more about how Contentserv’s data syndication functionality can help you share your product data with confidence here.

Case Study: The Vaillant Group - Controlling the Elements

Find out how Vaillant, a leading provider of heating, cooling and hot water systems, overcame their product data challenges, and what key benefits they gained since implementation.

Maintain Compliance

Achieve and adhere to industry regulations


Compliance with government regulations and industry mandates can only be accomplished via a comprehensive data management solution, which allows transparent processes throughout the lifetime of your products. Providing the required information to remain compliant is critical, and therefore detailed traceability and established data governance have to be in place to be successful.

Contentserv’s solution establishes data governance policies, data quality checks and clear audit trails to maintain the accuracy and consistency of your data, prevent data silos and adhere to established industry standards. Accountability is also pivotal to maintain compliance, and clear versioning capabilities build the needed traceability to keep track of when changes are made and by whom.

Learn more about how Contentserv’s data governance policies and single centralized repository can help you achieve compliance here.

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Gain Value From Your Data

Improve data quality

Deliver consistent, complete and accurate data your customers can rely on.

Boost brand loyalty

Create brand consistency and foster emotional connections with customers and partners.

Streamline processes

Automate workflows to existing business processes to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

Maintain compliance

Establish seamless audit trails to track which changes are made and by whom.

Accelerate time-to-market

Get products to market faster with automated and collaborative workflows, quality checks and multichannel publishing.

Give compelling experiences

Provide seamless omnichannel experiences via accurate data and vivid digital assets.

Intelligent Solutions for Manufacturers

Data Stewardship

Grant or restrict access to a specific set of data and who can edit, download or delete them.

Digital Asset Management

Store, organize, find and retrieve images, videos and documents.

Data Governance

Set in place policies and audit trails to maintain data quality and promote accountability.

Translation Management

Localize data for multiple languages, channels and brands.

Integrated Workflow Management

Enable collaboration, automation and orchestration of your business processes.

Data Syndication

Syndicate product data to backend and front-end systems.

Version & History Management

Control the storage of different versions of datasets.

Multichannel Publishing

Publish product data to online and offline channels.

E-Book: Manufacturing in the Digital Age – How Data is Driving Your Business

The first step in your digital transformation is accurate, complete, consistent and up-to-date product information. Learn how you can leverage data to run, grow and transform your business.


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