Work with Clean Trusted Data

Deliver the right product information to entice consumers to buy


Fashion brands must provide detailed product information to customers for every single one of their products. From materials and size, to design and colors, all these attributes are decisive when customers consider a purchase. Fashion organizations that still manage data in disconnected silos, or worse, spreadsheets, easily introduce errors, resulting in incomplete and inaccurate product descriptions, shipping mistakes, and dashed expectations, ultimately leading to poor customer satisfaction.

Contentserv incorporates all data across your organization into a single, central repository. By automating this process, you reduce both time, costs and errors, creating a trusted source of high-quality data. Accurately integrating data from raw material vendors enables your teams to work with up-to-date data and ensures that they have the right materials and design specifications. In addition, complete and accurate product content can be published with confidence to your distribution or retail trading partners and to necessary online and offline sales channels with advanced data syndication functionality.

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Communicate Your Appeal

Captivate customers by letting your products shine


Creating products that stand out and captivate customers is crucial for fashion brands. To succeed, product data must be enriched with digital assets that convey the unique appeal and characteristics of each product. When it comes to fashion, there are additional complexities; products need to be associated with multiple digital assets per item, and for each of their variations. Deciding how and when to promote products each season is also an additional challenge since everything must be aligned with specific themes and direction.

Contentserv solves these challenges by seamlessly connecting your products and digital assets together to provide an accurate association between a product’s content and its imagery. Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps your products stand out with rich and vibrant digital images, media and more, and advanced localization functionality accurately conveys product content, metrics and attributes to a global audience. In addition, Contentserv’s Marketing Experience Management (MxM) component provides marketing automation functionality to determine how, when and where to promote your products for maximum impact.

Learn more about how Contentserv’s data syndication functionality can help you share your product data with confidence here.

White Paper: D2C - The Upside of Going Direct

Learn more about D2C, its current trends, challenges and benefits, as well as how it impacts the manufacturer-retailer relationship and more.

Move at the Speed of Change

Quickly adapt to change to reduce risks and optimize success


In the fashion industry, change is a constant reality. Customers’ tastes are fickle, and some trends last only one season. The impact of any change can be felt across the organization, as materials, designs and vendors may all need to adapt to head in a new, more successful direction. Cumbersome change initiatives produce substantial risk with consequences such as entering the market at the wrong time or missing a new trend entirely.

Contentserv provides automated business rules and workflows that can streamline processes to allow you to manage your product’s lifecycle, adapt to unexpected changes and react fast to changing customer tastes. By having a centralized and connected source of product information, you are able to make changes once, and ensure that updated data is published or syndicated to the necessary systems, partners or channels quickly and effectively.

Learn more about how Contentserv’s data governance policies and single centralized repository can help you achieve compliance here.

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Leverage Trusted And Connected Data

Eliminate data silos

Control and manage your product information and digital assets from a central location across your organization.

Improve data quality

Deliver consistent, complete and accurate data that your customers can rely on.

Streamline operational processes

Automate workflows to your existing business processes to improve productivity, increase operational efficiency and manage change.

Accelerate time-to-market

Get products to market faster to meet customer expectations and trends with data syndication and multichannel publishing.

Promote compelling products

Leverage accurate data and vibrant digital assets to promote products for maximum impact.

Manage products for every season

Efficiently manage products and associated digital assets in a single location.

Specialized Solutions for Fashion’s Unique Challenges

Integrated Workflow Management

Automate, collaborate and orchestrate your business processes.

Data Syndication

Syndicate product information to backend and front-end systems, and to your distributor and retail trading partners.

Version and History Management

Control the versioning of different datasets for traceability and compliance.

Multichannel Publishing

Publish product content to multiple online and offline sales channels.

Digital Asset Management

Store, organize, find and retrieve images, videos, files, documents and more.

Data Stewardship

Grant or restrict access to a specific set of data, and to whom can edit, download or delete them.

Translation Management

Localize product content in multiple languages, for many channels and brands.

Data Governance

Define and enforce rules and policies to establish processes for your data to maintain quality.

E-Book: Digital Transformation in the Fashion Industry – Key Trends and the Importance of Data

All trends and themes in the fashion industry, such as personalization, come down to data. Learn how you can successfully manage your data and provide your customers with remarkable product experiences.


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