Enthusiasm is Key

Today's customers want an experience

In the past few years, due to digitalization and the explosive increase in number of Touch Points, work in Marketing has dramatically changed. While in the old Marketing world, product notices - without regard for the individual needs of the customer - spread like wildfire far and wide, one of the most important factors in modern Marketing is: to inspire customers and to provide them with a personal shopping experience, tailored to their individual needs. In other words, providing a so-called Customer Experience.

Our current study tells you everything you need to know about Customer Experience! Set the pace for your future marketing and read about what it takes for perfect and - above all - sustainable Customer Experience. 


Customer Experience ensures WOW Effect!

What is Customer Experience really and why is everyone talking about it? What roles does it play in Marketing of the future?

Together with EEC Köln, we at Contentserv (technology-leading manufacturer of Multichannel Marketing Software) together with our Partners Hippo (Provider of unique, context-based CMS platforms) and Osudio (Europe's leading full-service digital agency) have conducted a representative survey on Customer Experience, gathering answers to exciting questions, such as:

  • How are companies positioned in Customer Experience Management?
  • Which technologies are used, to make the Customer Experience a memorable one?
  • Where do further potentials for the future of Customer Experience Management lie?

The renowned ECC Köln presents these and many other exciting questions during an online survey among more than 100 top decision makers from the Marketing sector.

You also have to provide a certain wow effect for your customers. This study shows you the possibilites.


Participating Study Partners

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