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Simplifying the Complexity of Product Communication


Companies all over the world work with Contentserv´s Software Solutions in order to achieve the highest performance possible in Product Communication and Customer Experience.


Fast 'n' easy: With our integrative, end-to-end software solution, Contentserv customers manage and simplify their product communication and marketing processes – from Data Management, to Omnichannel-, Campaign- and Promotion Management.

Contentserv – Simultaneously strategic, fast 'n' easy.

Contentserv is a solution where IT and Business both reach their goals!

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Manage your Challenges with Contentserv´s Unique software Solution

Unique for IT Needs

Build a strategic hub for your Master Data Management, creating one central integrated publication platform that merges previously complex and error-prone data and publication processes.

Inspire marketing and business users across the organization and get them on board! With ergonomic, intuitive and attractive user interfaces and many built-in best practice functionalities you can now easily, quickly and effectively prepare and provide master data for future needs in order to secure a sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring a superior customer experience.

A smart new generation Master Data Management provides you with consistent, meaningful and context-optimized data for each channel and every imaginable customer request. 

Unique for all business requirments

Customer Experience Management includes the integrated optimization of all communications based on target groups and their context. The goal is to increase the turnover and create high levels of customer satisfaction.

Contentserv takes this concept of customer experience to the next level with the declared goal to supply each step of the individual customer journey with excellent product data.

With Contentserv it becomes a breeze to promote comprehensive product ranges with customized marketing messages in numerous languages while creating transparency across all measures.

Contentserv allows you to combine different modules to meet your exact needs and create the perfect software that suits your business model.

Customer Experience: Step by step

There is a clear roadmap to data driven, customer-centric Marketing Automation. Before you reach your goal at the top of the customer experience mountain, you have to begin a step-by-step journey, starting at “base camps” to hit your target in 4 steps :

  • At the base camp you will set up your Product Information Management Platform, which stores and centralizes all of your product information – making it accessible for both internal and external users.
  • In a second step you add a Multichannel Management System, which will enable you to manage and output all of your product content across all required channels, fully-automated and always up-to-date, regardless of whether you focus completely on digital channels such as eCommerce, mCommerce market places, shops and mobile commerce or classic channels like print. We offer lots of standard connectors to eCommerce, WCMS, Adobe Creative Cloud & many more systems & solutions! 
  • In a third step you can add  Marketing Resource Management. This will help you reduce your time-to-market many times over. With the support of our central workflows, you will save more than just time on creating and managing marketing content. Furthermore, you will be able to successfully plan, implement and optimize your product campaigns and promotions at whole new dimensions!
  • There is only one step left before reaching your goal, namely a perfect customer experience: the real-time delivery of relevant content in the right context. Our solution will support you with high-end features and functionalities, thereby considerably strenghthening and expanding your market position!   
Together with Contentserv you can reach your marketing organization's top goals and surpass your competitors - thanks to an optimized customer experience!
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TRUST that we are proud of – and that gives you peace of mind

300,000 users in 89 countries already trust in Contentserv’s solutions and use our tools daily in various industries and branches.




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Winning over 60 new customers within the last 12 months, our innovative company proves the persuasive power of its clear vision and user-friendly software with functionalities full of depth.

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For your Future Innovation: A Very Strong R&D Investment

Nearly half of Contentserv’s team is made up of pure developers. This ensures that our product is continuously and consistently developing. More than 70 developer man-years are fully invested in the advanced development of our product each year. Because of this, Contentserv is a strong and clearly distinguished software manufacturer. The implementation of our customers’ projects has been fully handed over to our implementation partners all over the world.

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