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Uzin Utz is now banking on the automated international Multichannel Marketing

Uzin Utz digitalizes its international product communication

Rohrbach/Ilm: April 04, 2016 – Uzin Utz AG, a full-range provider of flooring systems with global operations is now banking on Contentserv‘s future-oriented Marketing Information Management solution (MIM) so as to optimize the central management and publication of its product information for all six corporate brands in many different languages.

More efficiency and higher speed for international product communication

The fast-growing company Uzin Utz offers a comprehensive product range comprising 6 brands and everything regarding the new installation, renovation and maintenance of all types of flooring. The products are communicated via multilingual catalogs, product overviews and price lists that are made available offline as well as online in the respective languages of the core markets. Up until now, the production and maintenance of the variety of data and output channels has been extremely time and cost consuming. This is why Uzin Utz has decided to rely on the marketing software by Contentserv for professional international product and brand communication. The goal is to automate the media production processes and thereby save both time and money.

The objective: Intelligent Multichannel Marketing

With the Marketing Information Management solution (MIM) by Contentserv, you only need to maintain the entire content for media production (images, videos, multilingual texts and print templates) once centrally and media-neutrally in the web-based system before distributing it at all touch points fully-automated using the Multichannel Management system. All production and coordination processes in marketing as well as the cooperation of all involved departments and service providers are coordinated via the intelligent workflow management in Contentserv. The integrated Access Management with its clear roles and rights distribution ensures that numerous external and internal providers from product management, marketing and sales can seamlessly be integrated in all tasks regarding those objects they are authorized to access.

“We can only solve the challenges that we are faced with due to the diversity of our product offerings, the growing dynamic in our range of products and the increasing number of language variants and different output media with the professional implementation of a Marketing Information Management solution such as the one by Contentserv. With SDZeCOM we have found the right implementation partner for the right solution“, says Thomas Müllerschön, CEO at Uzin Utz AG.

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