How to address and convince your customers throughout the world with very little time and effort

For many companies, globalization has become a necessity. However, new markets pose great challenges for product communication. Speaking the local languages and being familiar with regional particularities gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. In addition, quick time-to-market for the rollout of new products is also hugely important. Contentserv’s Translation Management enables you to optimize all processes regarding your translations so that nothing stands in the way of international success.

  • Central control management: From now on you can coordinate all translation assignments for all languages in a fully-automated manner via a web interface
  • Central Data: Media discontinuities are a thing of the past – all translations are managed and maintained centrally via central text modules
  • Seamless Integration: You can now order translations directly in PIM and integrate them seamlessly in your multichannel environment
  • Efficient collaboration: Colleagues, branch offices and translation agencies can be integrated comfortably into all translation processes
  • High cost savings: Instead of duplications of effort and mistranslations, you can now save a lot of time and money thanks to central translation workflows
  • Perfect quality: Recurring text passages only have to be translated once and afterwards can be used repeatedly
  • Consistent terminology: Corporate vocabulary at all times thanks to the integration of terminology banks
  • Quickest time-to-market: You can now present new products practically simultaneously throughout international markets
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Translation Management with Contentserv

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