Contentserv Release Training CS17.0

Release Training CS17.0

Join Our Exclusive Release Training CS17.0

Do you already work with Contentserv and would like to learn more about the brand new CS17.0 release? Then contact us to request a training for Partners and Customers.

Within the Release Training CS17.0 you will receive an exclusive first glimpse into the new features, as well as many practical exercises and plenty of room for networking with the other participants in the program.


The Foundation for Perfect Product Experience

The new Contentserv Release CS17.0 offers numerous new features and comprehensive improvements. Learn more about the exciting developments:

  • A new portal which is based on the expanded dashboard and the OpenSearch module will replace the previous MAM Portal and will now be expanded to include PIM data as well. Though you can supply internal and external CONTENTSERV users with your data in a far more user friendly and effective way than ever before.
  • The Dashboard has been greatly expanded by the inclusion of additional useful tiles. Look forward to even more flexibility and transparency!
  • The new Data Quality module offers additional expansions that ensure data quality overviews and approved correction workflows at any time – for an optimal data quality for all output channels and languages.
  • Other existing features have also been updated considerably for CS17.0. A class-based editor is now available for multi-classification.
  • We have also significantly extended the functionality of the PPM Desktop Publisher, which enables the highly efficient synchronization of PIM and MAM content with Adobe® InDesign® documents.
  • The new CORE Data Flow module takes over the rather irregular, file-based acquisition and output of product data. Thanks to the CORE Data Flow, it is now extremely easy to configure reusable import and export processes and rules for data mapping via the CONTENTSERV user interface.

Want to Learn More?

Then contact us to request our exclusive training: The first day is devoted to standard training and serves as the basis for deep insights into the new CS17.0 features (which are covered in following session days).

Sign-up by direct contact with Peter Waibel at or per telephone under +49 30 4435 8863.

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Waibel.

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Peter Waibel, Contentserv

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