Deployment Options & Technologies

Here is an overview of our currently available deployment options & used technologies. You can find more information in our technical white papers – download them at any time, free of charge.

Because the challenges that our clients face when implementing customer-centric communication are diverse, we help them achieve successful implementation – by using the latest IT technology requirements when developing our software. In doing so, we provide a clear vision for the future of marketing.

In order to keep our technology solution successful, we focus on three essential factors: Performance, Security and Stability.

Deployment Option Multi Datacenter, Global Enterprise Single Datacenter, Enterprise Single Datacenter, SMB SaaS
Component Distributed deployment across a multi continent datacenter using grid computing and Swift Object Store High availability server cluster (with active / passive datacenter) and clustered content delivery server for real-time deliveries Setup with web server, database server and optional rendering servers for deployment in a datacenter or hosted solution Cloud deployment on shared resources, with data residing on exclusive virtual machines (VM)
Average number of concurrent (power)-users > 250 50 – 250 5 – 50 5 – 50
Master Store Master Store, ensures transactional isolation and acts as single point of truth (SPOT) to avoid data inconsistencies Oracle RAC
Asset Store Stores images, publications, videos and all other assets Swift File System Swift
Graph Store Handles inheritance, data transfer, relations and publication references Neo4J
not available Orient DB
Search Store Acts as a secondary store for: full text, parametric, faceted, phonetic and semantic searches Elastic Search
Import, Export, Archive Complex data model, product variants & configuration, product lifecycle Cassandra
Reporting Business intelligence (BI) and Data discovery based on Pentaho Enterprise Framework Cassandra / Pentaho Cassandra / Pentaho not available Cassandra / Pentaho