Pricing Overview

Our pricing overview gives you a first glimpse into our solutions’ price structures and expected ROI (return on investment). Our software solutions for: Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Content Management can be flexibly selected based on your individual requirements.

We offer our customers an enterprise solution for the implementation of complex, customized requirements. For quick and easy implementation of many standard requirements, we provide a comprehensive integration and an SMB solution. For even faster deployment, customers can also choose our cloud solution!

You don’t have to decide now which of our solutions best suits your needs. We are happy to help you choose based on your upcoming requirements. Just let us know how we can help you, by contacting us!

Deployment Option Multi Datacenter, Global EnterpriseiMulti Datacenter deployments make sense, when a system is used across continents, in a decentralized way and with many local users contributing to a global (or partially global) data repository. Consistency between storage is the main consideration in multi datacenter solutions.
Single Datacenter, EnterpriseiSingle Datacenter deployments make sense, when the bulk of core users work within a geographical region, while other users are mainly read-only. A single datacenter can be improved for read access, either usage of export staging servers or Content Delivery Networks (CDN). High availability and efficient disaster recovery are the main considerations for a single datacenter solution with an enterprise multi-server.
Single Datacenter, SMBiClassical small and medium-sized business deployments work on a single datacenter or are hosted with external service providers. Infrastructure expenses and operating costs are the main considerations when choosing a solution. As such, it is best to avoid the necessity of server clustering by relieving data storage and application servers, i.e. setting up dedicated import / export, search or reporting servers.
SaaSiSaaS is the most suitable solution for small- to medium-sized deployments, when the main strategy is to focus on “sticking to the standards”: Fast Deployment and Setup.
Vertical Distributed deployment across a multi continent datacenter using grid computing and Swift Object Store High availability server cluster (with active / passive datacenter) and clustered content delivery server for real-time deliveries Setup with web server, database server and optional rendering servers for deployment in datacenter or hosted solution Cloud deployment on shared resources, with data residing on exclusive virtual machines (VM)
Average number of concurrent (power)-users > 250 50 – 250 20 – 50 5 – 20
Average TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) per user and month 200 – 400 Euros (*)
pricing overviewRetail & DistributioniWhen it comes to customer experience, the Retail industry is one of the most centrally affected industries. The big international retail giants all invest heavily into data-driven and context-sensitive marketing. Smaller niche players focus on specialized topics and audiences. Within retail organizations, continually segmented product marketing (with an even higher frequency for promotions and campaigns) dramatically changes the process and system landscape. A promotion-driven PIM that differentiates communication by audiences and situations is a must-have for safeguarding future success.
Many retailers are only active in confined markets and therefore future international growth will impose a challenge to their system landscape. International retail giants usually have highly regionalized organizational structures, with huge potential in levying global synergies while keeping a local flair.
Retailers can increase their process effectiveness, by offloading content preparation to suppliers – so that they can focus on value-added information processes, like: preparing the content for each channel, target group, situation and increasingly communicating via market places instead of owned touch points.
Onboarding, Golden Record creation, Match & Merge, Context & Audiences, Promotion & Campaigns, Pricing, Market Place Integration, Supplier Portals, Data Quality Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More
pricing overviewConsumer Packaged & Durable GoodsiConsumer Packaged & Durable Goods industries are challenged by higher customer demands for complete, useful and relevant information. This drives a highly complex and rich data model for product communication, which focuses increasingly on the editorial content required for content marketing. Today’s creation and constant enhancement of product-related content involves large teams, across many different disciplines: from Engineering, Product Management, and Catalog Management, to Training and Customer Support. The need for contextual marketing strategies is driven by the need for: multi-language translations and contextualization of product content by region, culture, and specific informational needs of highly segmented audiences.
Complex Data Model, Multi-tier Workflows, Translation Management, Tables, Standard Export Formats, Flyer / Data Sheet / Catalog Production Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More
pricing overviewPharmaiProduct data management in the Pharma industry is highly dependent on the strict compliance rules of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When it comes to informational requirements on ingredients and allergens in food, the European LMIV directive is even stricter. Pharmaceuticals are governed by high compliance requirements, which drive the need for seamless audit trails including: Approval Management, Tasks & Annotation Tracking, Versioning and Archiving of all processes that lead to a release of labels, marketing material or other product information. Clear responsibilities are organized, frequently in a Responsible – Accountable – Consulted – Informed – Verify – Signoff (RACI-VS) setup. As an additional service to the customer, background information on ingredients, regional suppliers and producers, as well as recipes and health advice, drive the need for editorial product information management.
FDA Compliance, RACI-VS with complete audit trail, Approval Management, Ingredients Management, Multi Classification Learn More Learn More Learn More not available
pricing overviewManufacturing & EngineeringiThe Manufacturing industry is driven by the classic dilemma between providing both countless product configurations, and standardized, marketable configurations with optimized costs in one classic product catalog. One central challenge is providing product variants, configurations and in-depth technical content to Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions or sales configurators. In Marketing, the challenge is in moving away from “you name it, we can build it” to promoting more discrete and thus tangible marketing products. This requires sophisticated content marketing for: components, materials, options and their features, as well as for technical advice.
Complex Data Model, Product Variants, Configuration, Product Lifecycle, Standard Export Formats, Flyer / Data Sheet / Catalog Production Learn More Learn More Learn More not available
pricing overviewFinanceiIn recent years, financial institutes have been subjected to continuously increasing governmental control, as well as strict compliance regulations. Because windows of opportunity for in-person contact are constantly decreasing, digital interactions must include excellent customer experience. A multitude of channels are used for reaching customers: Social media, website, apps, banking software, online configurators and many more. All interactions have one thing in common: Only contextually optimized and highly relevant information will contribute to a successful customer journey. In order to achieve a reliable, compliant and constant content production, processes and paradigms are changing: Template-related editorial content and product-related offerings must reach a degree of standardization that globally distributed teams can handle. Project & Team Management and organization of responsibilities according to RACI-VS are the keys to managing complex editorial projects within a PIM system.
Editorial Content, Audiences, Compliance & Audit Trails, Team & Project Management, Agency Briefing, Editorial Calendar Learn More Learn More Learn More not available
Other verticals Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

(*) depends on server setup, SLA (service level agreement) requirements, depreciation (the average useful life for PIM is 10 years!), and extent of customization;