Our technology-leading PIM solution enables you to get the most out of your product data

The larger your portfolio becomes, the more difficult it is to gather and maintain all of your data? Not anymore! No matter which products or services you offer: Contentserv’s PIM solution enables you to not only maintain an overview, but also to work as efficiently as possible – giving you the competitive edge that you’ve been looking for!

  • Simple Data Maintenance: Manage extensive and complex product data quickly and easily online.
  • Central Management: Maintain relevant content for all output channels, target groups and countries easily via a central database.
  • High-Value Results: Manage the supply of online and offline media – not only at lightning speed, but also with consistent, quality-assured information.
  • One-Time Changes: Should information need to be adjusted, make changes to the data at just one location and update information across all channels at the simple push of a button!
  • Big Savings: Produce more marketing output, faster, and more affordably and use limited resources more efficiently than ever before!
  • Highly Up-to-Date: Launch product innovations or promotions rapidly with this solution.
  • Internationality: Manage all translations simultaneously for your international multichannel campaigns.
  • Intelligent System: Grow and PIM grows with you – thanks to our end-to-end approach, additional channels and features can be integrated at anytime!
Contentserv Product Information Management Erklär Grafik E-Commerce Management - Enterprise Funktionen

Want to know how the solution works? No problem! – Find all facts as well as elaborate technical details for your IT team within the downloads below.

Contentserv Product Information Management –  Insights DOWNLOAD