Product Experience with CONTENTSERV CS16.0 EE

Contentserv presents Release CS16.0 EE of its Marketing Software Solution

The new release CS16.0 EE by software vendor Contentserv scores with enhanced usability and efficient functions for a new Product Experience and Multichannel Management.

June 17th, 2016 – On the 10th of June the software vendor Contentserv published its new release CS16.0 EE of the marketing software solution with the same name. At this point, only the retail template is available with other verticals following suite in October 2016.
The highlights of the current release will be briefly presented here. It is noteworthy that quite a few customers have been productively using the new release during alpha and beta test phases before its official release date.

Customer Experience in 3 Steps

Product Experience is now provided in 3 steps. It is now easily possible to ensure a truly tailormade customer experience even for the largest product assortments:

1. Contextualize everything: Image, description, price, technical data, tables, relationship – anything can be contextualized for optimized marketing. Manage motives with optimized media asset variants. Create content that adjusts and focusses to your audience’s needs.

2. Persona and situation management: Create buyer persona to highlight typical audience profiles, create situations to set up typical environmental parameters.

3. Preview for context and audience: At any given time, a preview shows in Contentserv: How will a given buyer persona see the content in a specific situation.

Product ExperienceProduct ExperienceReal-time Delivery for a real Product Experience across all channels

Realtime delivery is a huge technological challenge. We make it work safely on the technical side with the new release Contentserv CS16.0 EE. On the technology side we have unlimited scalability by cluster technology and on the practical working with easy to use processes and interfaces. Proven and tested.

Product ExperienceMany usability improvements, performance tunes and other tweaks

Besides these major features, we are providing numerous usability improvements, performance optimizations and other features and tweaks to make using Contentserv a fast and easy experience.

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Sandra Skultety - Lead Marketing

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Contentserv’s leading software solutions provide retailers and brand manufacturers the ability to organize and optimize their product content centrally. In doing so, they enable customers to provide a unique, emotionally-engaging product experience across all touchpoints.

The Product Information Management (PIM) system by Contentserv ensures efficient, appealing product communication and digitalizes marketing processes, which increases data quality and meaningfulness. The innovative Contextual MDM specializes in managing extensive product ranges including those with local differentiations, enabling unique, tailor-made product experience in real-time across all channels.

More than 300,000 users in 89 countries use Contentserv’s technology-leading software solutions, which have been recognized multiple times by international analysts as leading solutions. There is a reason why Contentserv is one of the 10 TOP innovators and strong performers in the PIM area.