Kickstart in 2017: Another year of success for Contentserv

Today’s top companies rely on Product Information Management (PIM) by CONTENTSERV

Top companies such as Schöffel, LEKI and TROX recognize the need for a Product Information Management (PIM) solution. This year, they have all started using CONTENTSERV as the foundation for sustainable customer experience.
Contentserv welcomes new PIM customers

Contentserv welcomes new PIM customers

Rohrbach/ May 10th, 2017: In 2016, CONTENTSERV, technology leading manufacturer of PIM systems, performed well above market average, welcoming 60 new customers on board. 2017 has since been another year of success!

In the first quarter, Schöffel, LEKI and TROX have already opted for their sophisticated, “Made in Germany” PIM. Nowadays, more and more companies, large corporations as well as medium-sized businesses, are relying on automated marketing processes for consistent product communication. This is the basis of a consistent product experience, which in turn leads to an enhanced customer experience.

Customer Experience Management: Companies need for action

A study by ECC Cologne finds that nearly 70% of companies surveyed have not yet mastered the field of customer experience (free download here). Accordingly, many respondents see a great need for action in the coming years, with 62% considering a product information management system to be a necessary foundation of their customer experience.

A Product Information Management system (PIM) and a Media Asset Management system (MAM) manage your entire content via a web-based system for product communication that is centrally-managed and media-neutral. This content includes assets such as images, videos, product information, master data and texts. A Multichannel Management system enables automated distribution across all touchpoints, while an intelligent Workflow Management system coordinates the production and planning processes between all involved departments and service providers.

CONTENTSERV’s marketing software reduces time-to-market and improves data quality significantly. It ensures that product messages are consistent across all national and international channels, which in turn leads to successful customer experience. The introduction of a PIM solution also reduces marketing costs considerably.

CONTENTSERV’s Product Information Management – Highly versatile

Company requirements differ depending on the industry. Retailers in the food sector focus strongly on print such as the creation of promotional flyers. The fashion industry mainly focuses on e-commerce. In the pharmaceutical sector, workflows are enormously important for regulatory compliance of marketing activities. The requirements for brand manufacturers are also diverse and highly complex. In addition to the digitization of product communication, focus is also on delivering a high value product experience. So, how can companies provide their products with appealing content and deliver them to their customers across various countries,target groups, sales channels and touchpoints?

A Perfect PIM for All!

CONTENTSERV’s Product Information Management meets all industry requirements. Over the past few years, many well-known companies, including EDEKA, Villeroy & Boch, WMF, basic AG and Erwin Müller, have recognized the benefits of our technology-leading solution. This year alone, in the sporting goods sector, well-known manufacturers such as Schöffel and LEKI have chosen CONTENTSERV’s marketing software. In the beauty sector, Grandel, a multi-award winning premium manufacturer, is now on board. Trox, a specialist in the production of ventilation and air-conditioning components, units and systems, as well as the Storch-Ciret Group, European leader in the production and distribution of high-quality painting tools, are now all relying on CONTENTSERV’s solution. Furniture manufacturer Zurbrüggen and quality tools supplier Triuso have also opted for this new-generation PIM system, followed by Reisser Schraubentechnik and Cafe & Bar Celona.

Michael Kugler, Managing Director of Contentserv GmbH had this to say: “We are glad that we were able to continue our growth in the first quarter of 2017 and win over well-known customers. Our goal is to repeat the 2016 growth rate again this year! ”

More information on Contentserv is available at This is where you can also request a free online demo.

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Contentserv’s leading software solutions provide retailers and brand manufacturers the ability to organize and optimize their product content centrally. In doing so, they enable customers to provide a unique, emotionally-engaging product experience across all touchpoints.

The Product Information Management (PIM) system by Contentserv ensures efficient, appealing product communication and digitalizes marketing processes, which increases data quality and meaningfulness. The innovative Contextual MDM specializes in managing extensive product ranges including those with local differentiations, enabling unique, tailor-made product experience in real-time across all channels.

More than 300,000 users in 89 countries use Contentserv’s technology-leading software solutions, which have been recognized multiple times by international analysts as leading solutions. There is a reason why Contentserv is one of the 10 TOP innovators and strong performers in the PIM area.