NOVY selects the CONTENTSERV platform to accelerate international expansion.

NOVY selects the CONTENTSERV platform to accelerate international expansion.

The CONTENTSERV platform for Enterprise Marketing Management has been selected by Novy to optimize its product content management and product communication processes.

Rohrbach/Ilm: 15.10.2015 – Novy is a Belgian manufacturer of cooker hoods and employs around 200 people with a revenue of 50 million euro. As a leader in the Belgian market Novy expanded their business with local offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany and with partnerships in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Poland.

Back in 1965, when producing its first cooker hoods, Novy had already made a difference by setting high quality standards and being innovative in models and technology.
This manufacturer has set the standard in the area of cooker hoods ever since because of its unparralled efficiency and silent operation. Novy cooker hoods are manufactured in Kuurne, Belgium and because no concessions are being made when it comes to quality, Novy only uses high-quality materials. This make Novy cookers durable and lasting a lifetime.

A continuously growing business, expansion to new countries, a higher pace of new product introductions,… all these elements enforced Novy to reflect about systems and processes.

“Product master data is currently managed in a master excel file and shared with local offices resulting in multiple file versions spread across the company. Related media assets such as product images and technical drawings are stored at several places, managed individually by marketing, design and other departments. And updating catalogues, datasheets or web pages is currently a manual and repeating process. Taken in to account those time consuming and error-prone processes, we needed a versatile solution that not only enables us to setup a single source of master data, but also allows us to optimize our operational marketing processes”, explains Mrs. Katrien Van Hecke, Marketing Manager at Novy NV.

The CONTENTSERV Enterprise Marketing Management platform has been selected because of its modular design, user friendliness and openness to integrate with existing and future applications.

In a first phase, the CONTENTSERV Product Information Management Suite will be set up for the creation and management of all products with product specifications and general content in various languages. The Media Asset Management Studio will enable Novy to centrally store all images, video and documents, and relate them to the corresponding products. Local offices and partners will get access to the centralised content and custom exports will be provided to wholesale partners ensuring consistency across all different sales and communications channels.

Overall, the CONTENTSERV EMM platform will accelerate the way content is being created approved and shared across multiple channels. Local offices, partners and resellers will benefit from better collaboration and always up-to-date information.

“We are proud that Novy has selected CONTENTSERV. It confirms that we have the right service and solution offering for small and medium sized companies in order for them to cope with today’s communication challenges.”, remarks Koen Van den Bossche, General Manager of CONTENTSERV Benelux NV.

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