New PIM Study: Contenserv is a leading provider

Dot.Source is testing PIM suppliers and provides guide for the PIM evaluation

New guide: PIM study

New guide is setting trends for the PIM evaluation

Rohrbach/Ilm April 26, 2016: After numerous positive assessments by analysts over the course of the last few months, the software by CONTENTSERV has now also received very high ratings by Dot.Source – the expert for eCommerce. In the current PIM guide, selected providers of Product Information management systems were tested by Dot.Source on the basis of 82 different criteria before being compared to experiences with the respective company’s customers.

The companies were subsequently divided into 4 segments: “leading providers” (among them is Contentserv), “strategic innovators”, “technological innovators” and “newcomers” and “niche players”. The current studies by Forrester, Gartner and LNC were incorporated in the overall evaluation that was complemented by interviews, product demonstrations and expert discussions. The results have been summarized in a comprehensive guide that offers support to anyone looking for the right PIM system to meet their individual requirements.

Product Information Management as Basis for Content Marketing

Due to digitization, the number of touch points where the customers come into contact with products and brands has been growing increasingly over the past few years. Against this background, the buying behavior of consumers has changed considerably. Today, consumers pass through an individual Customer Journey in the course of which they expect to get the relevant content at the right time and within the right context of the specific buying phase they’re in at the moment. The right content in the right context is therefore of the utmost importance for the purchase decision.

But how can companies meet the challenges of this Multichannel Content Strategy? The optimum basis is a so-called Marketing Information Management, which centrally manages the content and distributes it consistently and up-to-date into all channels in a fully-automated manner thanks to individual workflows. This is how online, offline and mobile channels fuse seamlessly and the customer can enjoy an unlimited omni-channel experience.

The Marketing Information Management by Contentserv is based on powerful Product Information Management and fully-integrated Media Asset Management. Both systems work together as one integrated end-to-end solution that offers optimal support for each Customer Journey. At the same time, the time-to-market can be accelerated many times over – nationally as well as internationally.

Contentserv is a Leading Provider

CONTENTSERV is one of the “leading providers” of the PIM assessment. The company received outstanding marks for its long experience in the field and its mature and sophisticated technology that a number of different sectors benefit from. Furthermore, the usability, high performance and myriad of standardized interfaces have received the highest possible score. You can download the guide here.

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Contentserv’s leading software solutions provide retailers and brand manufacturers the ability to organize and optimize their product content centrally. In doing so, they enable customers to provide a unique, emotionally-engaging product experience across all touchpoints.

The Product Information Management (PIM) system by Contentserv ensures efficient, appealing product communication and digitalizes marketing processes, which increases data quality and meaningfulness. The innovative Contextual MDM specializes in managing extensive product ranges including those with local differentiations, enabling unique, tailor-made product experience in real-time across all channels.

More than 300,000 users in 89 countries use Contentserv’s technology-leading software solutions, which have been recognized multiple times by international analysts as leading solutions. There is a reason why Contentserv is one of the 10 TOP innovators and strong performers in the PIM area.