Why does Retail need a navigation system?

For Retail, clear focus on a convincing customer experience is a "must have".  The new PIM eBook explains how it works. Because: Content is king and therefore the most important element of a successful customer experience. However content alone is not enough – information’s quality is key to long-term success. Shopping only becomes a meaningful experience if product information is correct, complete and fully-adapted to each touchpoint.

With the help of Product Information Management (PIM) systems, retailers are able to maintain product data professionally and maintain it with minimal effort, ensuring content quality, data streamlining and delivery into the right channels – to excite and inspire customers across all touchpoints.

A PIM system offers great opportunities for Retail – you can find more information on this in the new PIM eBook “Drive better Retail to Conquer the Amazon Storm”.

PIM eBook Navigation System for Retail

Discover the answers to these questions and more:

  • How important is high quality product data for a successful shopping experience?
  • Why is content crucial for buying decisions?
  • Why can returns be reduced through high quality product data?
  • How can complete product information help retailers stand out from the crowd?
  • And: How does a Product Information Management system help you navigate through the Amazon storm?

Download the new eBook now and ride on the waves of success.

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