Accelerate your campaigns and projects with tailored marketing solutions.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, the change from delivering "One to Any" to "One to One" campaigns is in full swing! Today, as marketing requirements continue to change, the average marketer needs to be continuously running content on at least 7 channels. The amount of output that marketing must deliver will continue to grow steadily.  With these increasing demands on marketing growth, the requirements for marketing tools that enable content creation, content management and content delivery also increase.

Marketing Campaigns & Project Management by Contentserv provides you with important flexibility in order to perfectly master your marketing requirements!

  • Flexibility in your Daily Marketing Routine: Flexibly adjust pre-defined templates for many workflow steps and adapt them at any time.
  • Better Control: Immediately see where your marketing campaigns stand via several diagrams (for example Gantt Charts).
  • Customizable Tasks: With integrated Task Management, easily and effectively create and share all campaign tasks in a simple manner.
  • Compliant Processes: With integrated Version Management, comprehensibly log all work step changes.
  • Version Secure: Visually compare versions and restore them when needed. This allows you to maintain an overview and quickly repair errors.
Contentserv Marketing Workflow Management Erklär Grafik
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