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Master Data Management for a real customer experience

Master Data Management (=MDM) has long been introspective: Find sources of data across the organization. Unify them with a common taxonomy and attribute model. Create golden records, maximize data quality, and ensure process security. Connect all of the systems back together. Done.

Next generation Master Data Management has much higher challenges: It is about creating master data for what you already have, for what you need in terms of customers’ perspective and for what you are eventually going to need to secure a sustainable competitive advantage by ensuring a superior customer experience.

Next generation Master Data Management is extrospective. It is about providing consistent, meaningful and context-optimized master data to every channel and every customer need that one might think of.

What does next generation MDM for products stand for?

  • High-quality golden records: Beyond the article / SKU level, also providing golden records on different aggregation levels such as: bundles / kits, sets / marketing products and other perspectives that customers and marketing have on a logistic product (SKU).
  • Ensuring a consistent data dictionary across all applications for attributes, class models and taxonomies. And beyond attributes: Establishing a central set of tags, to ensure comparability and consistence across applications – for search, filtering and reporting equally.
  • Providing relationships between entities: Who has a business relationship with whom? Which customer likes / has bought / recommended which products?  Which customers buy and in which outlets? It is a set of relationships that can easily go into the billions – this is where the power of Graph DB comes into play.
  • Delivering what is really needed: Product data, media assets, centrally aggregated and quality assured content pieces for re-use across systems and channels. And everything with the option to be context-optimized in real-time.
Data Matching via Match & Merge
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