Manage Content Centrally and with Easy Automation

Taking care of all of your sales channels, trade partners and companies worldwide

Having a central Marketing Service Portal is now gaining importance for efficient Brand Management. Today's customers expect a seamless customer experience – making consistent branding a "must".

With MAX, the Marketing Cloud Software by Contentserv, marketers gain an extensive platform that enables agile and efficient marketing work – across all touchpoints, both classic and digital.

The Retail sector in particular benefits from this solution: Through an extensive marketing shop, branding is ensured across all channels – whether in your own online shop or in franchisees' brick-and-mortar shops.

Best of 2017 CS MAX

The Branding and Web-to-Print Platform MAX is top-rated as one of this year's "INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT" winners for innovative IT and software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs).

What can the MAX Marketing Cloud Software do for you?

With the Marketing Service Portal, achieve Branding Consistency and Agility across all Touchpoints!

The innovative Marketing Platform MAX (for an Agile Marketing Experience), ensures that your product and brand communication at stationary points-of-sale (POS) is brand conform. It supports your centralized and decentralized marketing, to efficiently automate the implementation of all marketing requirements. For years, well-known customers including: SIXT, Steiff, BabyOne and Bodystreet have relied on the web-based MAX solution, successfully equipping their shops with it.

The Marketing Service Portal MAX connects decentralized communication between Sales and Retail organizations and franchisees – enabling unified brand and customer experience up to the point of sale. This ensures that your brand presence is always consistent across all touchpoints and and saves your retail partners time to adapt their marketing campaigns.

  • Centralized Campaign Planning  – online as well as offline

  • Accelerated Creation of Marketing Materials

  • Efficient Coordination of Retail Campaigns

  • Options to Order Marketing Materials for Retail

  • Individualization of all Marketing Materials for Retail
  • Automated Multichannel Control

  • Campaign Assessment, and so much more!

Manage Content Centrally and Control it Automatically

Supporting All Sales Channels, Retail Partners and Subsidiaries Worldwide

Seamless Product Experience:

  • In addition to a highly-developed Digital Asset Management (DAM), the Marketing Cloud solution offers a B2B Marketing Shop as well as a Web-to-Print Editor and a Marketing Tool with numerous useful functionalities.
  • This flexible solution can be adapted to your requirements and CI at any time.
  • With the local Marketing Automation solution, Retailers can easily select, adapt and integrate their campaigns into the various touchpoints.
  • This innovative solution can be easily integrated into existing software landscapes – even those with complex sales structures.
  • Simple and effective Campaign Planning and Implementation – with the involvement of all Retail partners and stakeholders.


MAX – for more transparency and efficiency, to achieve greater effectiveness

Innovative Marketing Cloud:

  • Corporate Design / CI-conform Brand Communication – from anywhere and at any time
  • Increase Transparency and Reduce the Complexity of your Marketing Operations
  • Efficient PoS Management and PoS Controlling
  • Effective Campaign Management and Campaign Controlling
  • Expandable Knowledge Base
  • Clever Involvement of Different Stakeholders and Users
  • Process-oriented, Streamlined Workflows
  • System-based (Process) Control
  • Streamlined Integration into your existing IT Infrastructure
  • Promotion of IT and System Consolidation, thus...
  • Increasing your Competitive Advantage

Marketing Cloud Software – Smart Brand Communication

Advantages and Benefits of our Cloud Software Solution

For Marketing

Centralized Data / Information

  • Create a central database as a prerequisite for controlling of the PoS / shop locations.
  • Enable transparency and reduce process complexity.

Standardization and Automation of Processes

  • Reduce costs by transferring manual activities into the system.
  • This allows you to automate certain processes / legacies - saving you time.
  • Accelerate and intensify your marketing operations at the PoS / on-site.

Sales Controlling / Success Controlling through Quantified Location Assessment

  • Optimize the follow-up and evaluation of promotions / campaigns / mailings.
  • Enable the evaluation of PoS / shops at the regional level with comparison reports.

Realize Added Value and Eliminate Errors

  • Offer a much larger range of customized measures (for example, best practices) for the individual PoS / shops.
  • Reduce manual efforts and possible process errors before they occur.

Market Differentiation and Increased Competitiveness

  • Generate new opportunities for direct customer contact.
  • Implement CRM measures at the PoS to strengthen customer loyalty.

For Point of Sale

  • Gain the advantage of a standard software from brand-leaders in the area of franchise systems.
  • Integration of Print and Logistics services from one source.
  • Eliminate other service dependencies from printing companies or advertising agencies by implementing our Marketing Cloud Software.
  • Web-based / Browser-based Application - No local software installation necessary, simply an up-to-date browser (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox)
  • All Functions, Data and Information for Marketing operations in one portal - with one log-in, one password
  • Low investment and operating costs per PoS / shop location
  • Improved Usability by implementing a modern web application
  • Management and Steering of multiple shops / locations via one (master franchiser) access
  • Increased acceptance among users and low training costs among colleagues / PoS employees
  • Guaranteed future success and peace of mind when using our software standard, which is always up-to-date with the latest technology standards
  • Use of the Portal for the future Direct Marketing and Dialog Marketing activities of each individual PoS

Marketing Cloud Software – The Modules


  • Job and Info Portal with individually customizable, user-controlled portlets for collecting your To-Dos and News
  • Includes a blog-based communicative turntable (wall) for collecting all comments / discussions carried out in the system
  • Editable Websites (WYSIWYG) for the creation, presentation and management of intranet content (Guidelines, Handbooks or Manuals, FAQ and more)


  • Order Platform, Shopping Cart, Order Management, Quantity Management, Price Management, Supplier Module, CMS for accompanying descriptions of product categories
  • Installation of any number of warehouses, calculated Inventory Management of suppliers' stocks, display of product availability and minimum Quantity Management
  • Order Processing (Articles, Quantity, Value) depending on defined parameters (Users, Value and more)


  • Simple, easy-to-use and format-bound adaptations (for Business Cards, Company Impressions, Flyers and more) with preview functionality after input of texts and other objects (images), and options to either download the adaptations or order them via the shopping cart
  • Highly-flexible order process including inquiry, briefing, description and upload of new objects, successful steering of adaptations by integration for your graphics team or agency (whether internal or external), comments / discussions wall, and download of the adaptations or orders via the shopping cart (exclusively via the MAX Plug-In)
  • Plug-In for the Adobe CC Suite (InDesign, Photoshop and more)
  • For Marketing: individual customization and publishing of online media contents (for Homepages, Mailings / Newsletters, and Social Media)
  • For Marketing: preparation and publishing of mobile-ready media contents (for Location Search, Apps and Online Shops)
  • Accompanying process for adapting / personalizing documents from publish to release, including blog functionality (for internal comments and project discussions)

POS Administration

  • Data Management of owner data, partner numbers, PoS typology, addresses of locations, deliveries and invoices, account information, tax numbers, opening hours and more, with easy installation of additional, customer-specific fields
  • Inventory Management (External Advertising, Furnishings and more), including history of orders and adaptations, external and internal views, budget management for controlling incentives or MDF, and customer master data for Dialog Marketing meaures.
  • Storefront Management (Merchandise Management) per PoS quantity, size and characteristics, content mapping, control of outfitting and change processes, a basis for mystery shopping and management of advertising mediums per storefront.
  • Planning and Management of the selection and opening of locations, management of all outfitting processes from application to approval - based on external advertising, storefronts and interior furnishings, and archiving during location closures.

POS Geo & Report

  • Integration of additional geographical information, presentation of layouts, maps or tables, competitor differentiation, purchasing power, age structure (for market research) in order to establish internal benchmarking KPIs per location and department
  • Automated monthly reporting and report delivery with either predefined or individual report generation of graphical or tabular reports

POS Planning & Execution

  • Agile Marketing Planner - Agile Budget Planning, Media Planning, Capacity and Promotions (Scrum and Kanban-based), for any number of projects and sub-projects, with graphic support of project steering, and available across all distribution channels within your communication mix
  • Marketing Activity Execution - Steering and Development of Marketing measures within PoS / employees, regions as well as organization strucutres, steer communication, coordination and release processes as well as the integration of suppliers into the collection and processing of order processes.