Efficient Automation: Marketing Workflow Management

Perfect collaboration requires sustainable processes that can be easily mapped

Many different projects, distributed areas of responsibility, and time pressures – the daily marketing routine is characterized by a great need for communication, numerous coordination loops and tight deadlines. We have developed the Workflow Manager to make your daily marketing operations easier. Now you can both digitalize and automate your processes and tasks.

  • Decrease Time Pressures and Tight Deadlines: Contentserv’s workflows optimize your everyday marketing operations and provide you with more time and flexibility for important strategic decision-making.
  • Optical Support: Depict individualized tasks in a clearly arranged manner, thanks to the graphical workflow editor’s visualization of processes.
  • Practical Automations: Automate regularly recurring work steps with predefined process workflows.
  • Continuous Monitoring: With the Workflow Manager, ensure that processes are complied with and all relevant tasks are carried out.
  • Controlled Teamwork: Integrate colleagues, external service providers and other involved parties into the system workflows on a per project basis
  • Secure Status: Maintain an overview, even of the most complex processes!
Contentserv Marketing Workflow Management Erklär Grafik
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