Efficient Automation: Marketing Workflow Management

Perfect collaboration requires sustainable processes that can be easily mapped

Many different projects, distributed areas of responsibility, and time pressures – the daily marketing routine is characterized by a great need for communication, numerous coordination loops and tight deadlines. We have developed the Workflow Manager to make your daily marketing operations easier. Now you can both digitalize and automate your processes and tasks.

  • Decrease Time Pressures and Tight Deadlines: Contentserv’s workflows optimize your everyday marketing operations and provide you with more time and flexibility for important strategic decision-making.
  • Optical Support: Depict individualized tasks in a clearly arranged manner, thanks to the graphical workflow editor’s visualization of processes.
  • Practical Automations: Automate regularly recurring work steps with predefined process workflows.
  • Continuous Monitoring: With the Workflow Manager, ensure that processes are complied with and all relevant tasks are carried out.
  • Controlled Teamwork: Integrate colleagues, external service providers and other involved parties into the system workflows on a per project basis
  • Secure Status: Maintain an overview, even of the most complex processes!
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Workflow Editor for Business Process Management

Even if processes are already effective, there are still recurring work steps that could be streamlined or simplified. The integrated Workflow Management helps you achieve your goals and many more, with the following benefits:

  • Efficient Management: Easily map and edit even the most complex projects a clearly arranged manner.
  • Reduced Costs: Save time and money on a daily basis - thanks to optimized workflows.
  • Improved Quality: Monitoring mechanisms allow you to reduce error sources, thereby increasing the scope of your marketing productions.
  • Simplified Procedures: Manage time-sensitive projects much more easily.
  • Increased Speed: Increase your time-to-market not only linearly but also when developing approaches for different target groups.
  • Maximum Flexibility: Adjust all workflows to new conditions at any time.
  • Comprehensive Data Usage: Via automation, quickly and effectively integrate data - even from other systems!
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Organize your processes by adding a little color!

Why write countless emails and keep endless lists when you can create clearly organized charts for your To-Do lists? Our charts are extremely easy to configure and create, keeping you informed with up-to-date project statuses and tasks. That’s not all! Check out the numerous other features that the Workflow Management has to offer.

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Marketing Resource Management - MRM Tools for agility across all channels

Customers are becoming more and more agile by using many different channels in order to find product and company information and make purchase decisions. Therefore companies must establish themselves an agile position in order to orchestrate consistent customer communications across all channels. Our MRM Suite delivers the right tools for a changing, digitalized world.


Marketing Reporting is an important tool for ongoing optimization of marketing measures. With Marketing Reports, you receive an overview about the status of campaigns, KPIs, efficiency of marketing materials and much more.


Calendars, campaign templates and many more features help with agile campaign and project planning across all departments and areas - therefore you are flexibly equipped for rapid adjustments due to external influences.



Complex workflows with many stakeholders can be managed via the Contentserv Workflow Manager: This is where your actions and tasks are distributed and tracked as well as processes visualized, thus ensuring full transparency.


An individually constructed Brand Portal is the basis for consistent brand deployment. Central web-to-print templates allow for Sales, country subsidiaries and other stakeholders to independently create CI-compliant materials.

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TRUST that we are proud of – and that gives you peace of mind

300,000 users in 89 countries already trust in Contentserv’s solutions and use our tools daily in various industries and branches.


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