Marketing Power Conference
October 25th and 26th 2016

One Small Step for You – One Giant Leap for Your Marketing.

With its explosive increase in the number of touchpoints and increasingly progressive digitalization, the future of Marketing without smart IT-solutions will be nearly impossible.

By digitalizing your marketing processes, you too can win a significant boost in performance – with the help of innovative technologies that make marketing work easier and give you more speed and flexibility.

Learn more about the marketing of the future and other recent developments at the Marketing Power Conference on the 25th and 26th of October: Through expert lectures, keynote speeches and case examples – together with our renowned partners and customers – we offer you insights into the future of marketing.

Learn from Villeroy & Boch what is really important in digitalization. And allow Novatech to point the way from brand experience to customer experience while Evalanche offers insights in Marketing automation and lead nurturing. But that's not all! Erwin Müller, Vaillant and many other top-class brands have prepared exciting lectures for you.

Under the motto "Digitalization of Marketing Processes – Marketing Engineering“ we invite Marketing, Business and IT-Leaders to this year’s Marketing Power Conference and provide legitimate responses to questions such as "How can the Customer Experience be optimally supported?“ and "How can marketers become digitalization leaders in their companies?“ Find valuable ideas and suggestions in more than 30 specialist lectures and best practice sessions.

You’ll definitely want to be there! Because with the right technology, the step to successful Customer Experience is small – but your marketing success is so much greater!



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Good reasons why you don’t want to miss the Marketing POWER Conference:

  • Perfect Combination: With Marketing Engineering you will learn about the best of Marketing and IT
  • Optimum Customer Experience: Win new customers – with a sustainable shopping experience
  • Well-Rounded Cases: Lectures, Best Practice Examples from Customers and Networking
  • Efficient Processes: To create the basis for Marketing Digitalization
  • Reinforce your Marketing: With these technologies you are one step ahead of the competition!

As well as: More than 200 Participants, more than 30 Lectures and Keynote Speeches within two days, Supporting Program and Networking Lounge.


One small step for you – one giant leap for your marketing!



10:30 - 11:00

Registration and Welcome Drink 

11:00 - 11:15

Opening & Welcome Address
Patricia Kastner – CONTENTSERV AG, Michael Kugler – CONTENTSERV GmbH & Dr. Marco Olavarria – Kirchner + Robrecht GmbH


Michael Kugler

Dr Marco Olavarria Kirchner Robrecht


11:15 - 12:00
Conference Area 1   Contentserv_Kundenlogos_OF_contentserv
Keynote: A small digital step for your marketing – a giant leap for your company. Digitalization of your Marketing and Empowerment of your Success.
Patricia Kastner – CONTENTSERV GmbH


12:00 - 12:45
Conference Area 1  
Keynote: Product Data, signed and sealed – delivering Data Quality every time.
Helge Hintze – Vaillant Group Business Services GmbH


12:45 - 13:30

Middays Snacks in the Partner-Customer-Lounge

13:30 - 14:10

Conference Area 1

A glimpse into the brand new CONTENTSERV Version CS 16.0 – for Specialists and Experts
Alexander Wörl – CONTENTSERV GmbH



Conference Area 3

Live Insights into the CONTENTSERV Software – for Beginners and Enthusiasts
Michael Henrichs – CONTENTSERV GmbH
  Michael Henrichs, CONTENTSERV GmbH


14:15 - 16:10
Conference Area 1 – Multichannel eCommerce    

B2B Commerce for traditional SMEs - Papier LIEBL and Intershop
Wolf Sternberg – Papier LIEBL GmbH by Intershop

Content Marketing thanks to integrated CMS -  A whole new shopping world every hour!
Stephan Wehrle – OXID eSales AG
Success Factors in Multichannel eCommerce
Oliver Kling – dotSource GmbH



Conference Area 2 – Multichannel Digital


Digital Visualization: CGI expands Creative Horizons
Ralf Jung – Laudert GmbH + Co. KG


Self-Service During Data Preparation – Talend Data Prep
Thomas Steinborn - Talend Germany GmbH

Customer Experience - How to go Global with Content
Michael Hecker – Lionbridge Technologies



Conference Area 3 – Multichannel Classic


Content is King – but who is Kong?
Albrecht Heidinger Leiter Consulting - STAR PUBLISHING GmbH

Personalization - Relevance - Conversion
Stefan Herold – Osudio Deutschland GmbH
Data Quality: Importance, Opportunities and Risks in Multichannel
Oliver Frömmer – SDZeCOm GmbH & Co. KG


16:10 - 16:50

Coffee Break in the Partner-Customer-Lounge

16:50 - 17:20
Conference Area 1  Contentserv_Kundenlogos_MF_Evalanche Contentserv_Kundenlogos_MF_E-Raumwerk
Keynote: Relevance and Scalability - On the path towards a generalized Lead Management Process
Marcus Köhler - e-raumwerk by SC-Networks


17:20 - 17:50
Conference Area 1   CS_Villeroy

Keynote: Digitalization – Making Right Steps that Count. Lessons Learned and Next Steps
Dr. Pascal Rheinert - Villeroy & Boch AG



17:50 - 19:00

Conference Area 1

Workshop Sessions: Digitalization and Lessons Learned
In parallel, small groups will work together to develop strategies for the best possible digitalization.

19:00 - Open End

Power Night with Cocktails to set the mood, a Buffet, the Star Award Ceremony and Claudio Gnann (nominated Artist of the Year)


Note: We reserve the right to last minute agenda changes.


08:45 - 09:15

Registration and Welcome Drink

09:15 - 09:30

Opening & Welcome Address
Patricia Kastner – CONTENTSERV AG, Michael Kugler – CONTENTSERV GmbH & Dr. Marco Olavarria – Kirchner + Robrecht GmbH


Michael Kugler

Dr Marco Olavarria Kirchner Robrecht


09:30 - 10:00
Conference Area 1   Contentserv_Kundenlogos_OF_contentserv

Keynote: One giant step ahead: The Perfect Customer Experience as a Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Armin Dressler – CONTENTSERV GmbH



10:00 - 10:50
Conference Area 1    

Keynote: Challenge Customer Experience in Retail. Vision, Strategy and Project Insights: An Example from EDEKA
Peter Gross - Strategy Consultant for EDEKA and EnBW



10:50 - 11:30

Coffee Break in the Partner-Customer-Lounge

11:30 - 13:25

Conference Area 1 – Marketing 2.0


Millennial DNA - What today's customers expect
Sven März – Salesforce Commerce Cloud


The Customer Experience Platform - Opportunities and Challenges
Markus Neumann – mediawave internet solutions GmbH


Marketing Power - Power Marketing: A Marketing Fitness Program
Dr. Marco Olavarria - Kirchner + Robrecht GmbH




Conference Area 2 – Best Practice


Quality that comes from the heart. The ELTEN PIM Project.
Reiner Drewes - ELTEN GmbH


Best Practice PIM: How to find the right system - effectively and future-proof
Martin Himmel - ecom consulting GmbH


PIM for GEDORE. A Tool for Life.
Ludger Busch - GEDORE Werkzeugfabrik GmbH & Co. KG by media office


Conference Area 3 – CS Technology Corner


Function Overview in Detail - CONTENTSERV CS 16.0 Release
Alexander Wörl - CONTENTSERV GmbH


Basics of the new GUI Framework
Peter Powalla - CONTENTSERV GmbH


CS 16.0: The New Dashboard – The Cockpit for Your Users
Alexander Wörl – CONTENTSERV GmbH



13:25 - 13:55

Midday Snacks in the Partner-Customer-Lounge

13:55 - 15:10

Conference Area 1 – Marketing 2.0


Lead Management – from Planning to Implementation
Fabian Benkert – Vogel Business Media GmbH & Co. KG


Are you giving your visitors what they want?
Ivo Bronsveld – Hippo B.V.

(Presentation in English)




Conference Area 2 – Best Practice

Introducing CONTENTSERV into the Erwin Müller Group
Michael Schneider - Erwin Müller Group by SDZeCOM
What does fish food have in common with batteries?
Dirk Huntemann – Spectrum Brands Europe – Tetra GmbH



Conference Area 3 – CS Technology Corner


Insights into the Data Quality Rodmap -Quality Management with transparent product data workflow


CS16.0 User Knowledge Interface – How to Easily Connect to Other Systems
Alexander Wörl – CONTENTSERV GmbH & Hagen Schneider – SAWS



15:10 - 15:50

Coffee Break in the Partner-Customer-Lounge

15:50 - 16:30
Conference Area 1   Contentserv_Kundenlogos_OF_novatech

Novatech - from Brand Experience to Customer Experience
Robby Remmerie – Novatech International

(Presentation in English)



16:30 - 17:20

Conclusion with fruity energy drinks


End of Conference Day 2

Note: We reserve the right to last minute agenda changes.

What are the highlights of the Marketing Power Conference 2016?


Firmen-Event - Online Event Management with the Ticketing-Solution from XING Events


Evalanche Logo
Evalanche Logo

SDZeCOM is one of CONTENTSERV‘s experienced system integration partners. SDZeCOM has already received CONTENTSERV’s StarAward 5x for innovative and complex projects; 2015 they were nominated „Best Partner“. With an INNOVATIONS PRIZE-IT in the area of Consulting, SDZeCOM is excellent and thus, on the IT Best List. The Group of Analysts rates SDZeCOM on the Marketing Performance Wheel (MPW) 2016 as Top Providers in the areas PIM, MAM and Publishing.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud Logo
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Logo

Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables commercial enterprises to optimize continually positive customer experiences across all distribution channels - online, in social media and in stationary retail. The Commerce Cloud offers tailor-made shopping experiences that cover every stage from purchase via delivery all the way up to customer services. As a result, consumers identify stronger with brands, become loyal customers and the conversion rate increases. In addition, the integrated Predictive Intelligence Functionality and a strong Partner Ecosystem contribute towards strengthening both customer satisfaction and growth- from the planning stage via the launch of trading activities and beyond.  

dot-Source logo
dot-Source logo

dotSource, that’s more than 130 digital natives working together on one vision: enabling companies to take the way towards the digital future of marketing and sales. dotSource GmbH has been supporting companies from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in their digital transformation and the internet presentation of their brands since 2006.  From e-commerce consulting, through to the development and implementation of innovative e-commerce concepts right up to continuing company support after the go-live – according to the vision »Digital Success right from the Start« dotSource offers a comprehensive range of services and holistic expertise across all aspects of the digitalisation of marketing and sales. Companies with large, sometimes multinational online projects, such as Swarovski, Cornelsen, hagebau, Würth, and Music Store, rely on our services. With its ground-breaking solutions, dotSource has been able to establish itself as one of the leading e-commerce agencies in German speaking Europe. Further information at

Laudert logo
Laudert logo

With more than 370 employees in Germany (70 of which work in IT), Laudert is a strategic and operative partner for all facets of product communication. The business divisions Laudert Studios and Digital Printing also benefit from the efficient combination of media production and IT expertise. The Market Performance Wheel has rated Laudert one of the most powerful implementation partners for media IT projects on the market.

Media Office logo
Media Office logo

Our long-standing implementation partner media office gmbh has stood by us during many successful CONTENTSERV projects and contributes with holistic solutions for the efficient design of marketing processes. With competencies in: Data Management, E-Commerce and Multichannel Publishing, the media service provider supports their customers through active involvement in order to sustainably reduce time and amount of work.

saws logo
saws logo

After almost 15 years of experience with CONTENTSERV, SAWS GmbH & Co. KG produces a diverse yet profound range of knowledge and services comprising technical conception, programming, implementation and user support during and after project completion, as well as the hosting of CONTENTSERV platforms. In addition, SAWS GmbH & Co. KG is the expert when it comes to interface development.

SDZeCom logo
SDZeCom logo

SDZeCOM is one of CONTENTSERV‘s experienced system integration partners. SDZeCOM has already received CONTENTSERV’s StarAward 5x for innovative and complex projects; 2015 they were nominated „Best Partner“. With an INNOVATIONS PRIZE-IT in the area of Consulting, SDZeCOM is excellent and thus, on the IT Best List. The Group of Analysts rates SDZeCOM on the Marketing Performance Wheel (MPW) 2016 as Top Providers in the areas PIM, MAM and Publishing.

oxid Logo
oxid Logo

The OXID eSales AG is a well-known provider of E-Commerce solutions. Companies like Deutsche Post, Edeka, Schiesser or Metabo operate online shops on the OXID Platform. This platform is known for its high level of flexibility, individuality and quality. What makes OXID eSales unique, is the sum of what the company calls the OXID ecosystem: each individual employee, unique customers, over 150 certified partners, a community that is active both day and night, its highly valued service, the helpful support team and the knowledge transferring academy. The advantages: a high speed of innovation, high-value developments and long-term investment security.

Osudio Logo
Osudio Logo

OSUDIO – one of the biggest omnichannel specialists in Europe, offers within the E-Business sector, excellent PIM (Product Information Management) and Print-Publishing service packages: strategy, user experience and design, consulting, implementation and integration as well as hosting and system/process optimization from a single source.


Hippo is on a mission to make the digital experience more personable for every visitor. We’re redefining the CMS space by engineering the world’s most advanced content performance platform, designed to help businesses understand their visitors – whether they are known or anonymous – and deliver the content they value in any context and on any device.

Content is the backbone of online business. Hippo was built to help businesses understand which content matters to their audiences, and deliver optimal and personable digital experiences based on this knowledge. By providing continuous insights into your audiences’ engagement with your content, Hippo provides tangible metrics on your content’s performance in supporting your business goals. From gaining deeper understanding of your existing personas, to identifying new ones, Hippo empowers you to respond to and optimize every customer journey.

talend Logo
talend Logo


Intershop Logo
Intershop Logo

When Intershop presented in 1994 the first webshop in history, nobod ycould have guessed just to what extent this invention would change the world. Today, Intershop is the only independent supplier of enterprise solutions for omnichannel commerce in the world. More than 300 large and medium-sized companies around the globe benefit from our innovations. Among these companies are HP, BMW, Bosch, Mister Spex and Deutsche Telekom.

parsionate Logo
parsionate Logo

No images in your online shop? Long catalog production times? Complicated processes? Parsionate supports you by successfully implementing Omnichannel Commerce: with comprehensive consulting, best know-how in leading software solutions and successful implementation. The team includes experienced consultants for E-Commerce, Omnichannel and MDM / PIM as well as system architectures and technical consultants.

priint logo
priint logo

WERK II is a market leader in Multichannel Publishing solutions with over 25 years of pioneering in the area of Database Publishing. WERK II stands for high innovative strength through cutting-edge software development. With its priint Group subsidiaries in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Poland and Japan, WERK II offers with its product the print:suite, the only globally available publishing platform for product communication to date.

Logo Lionbridge
Logo Lionbridge

As the world’s largest marketing localization firm, Lionbridge combines language expertise and operational capabilities to enable more than 800 world-leading brands to engage their global customers with the greatest impact.  We provide industry-leading translation and localization services, as well as highly scalable global marketing solutions to fuel customer loyalty, enhance client service, ensure brand messaging and drive global growth.  By leveraging our global operating model, flexible approach to technology and deep language and cultural expertise to support global marketing execution, brands are able to deliver local relevance on a global scale.


Logo Absatzwirtschaft
Logo Absatzwirtschaft

There are approximately 90,000 decision makers in marketing that have a sizable budget at their disposal. The magazine for marketing absatzwirtschaft reaches 70,000 of these decision makers in management, marketing, distribution, sales, product management and communication every month. With our special editions, our website, newsletters and events, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio that enables you to reach this target group with your messages.

By the way: The Marketing Power Conference was previously known as our OpenHouseDays, that in 2015 was a huge success! With around 200 participants, our exclusive event was completely sold out. In this video, discover a few impressions of the event.

We look forward to your participation!


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