The Only All-in-One Solution for Your Product Communication

 With Contentserv's end-to-end solution, turn complex challenges into the highest efficiency possible!

Dashboard for a certain PIM Product


Marketing communication is complex, demanding and always subject to change – especially when it comes to keeping a grip on many different products and related data. All too frequently, isolated applications are used in order to meet all needed requirements. But when shortcuts are lacking, data maintenance must be redundantly multiplied - this is extremely time-consuming. What a headache!

Manage all relevant content for your communication tasks on one platform – with the software solution from Contentserv. This not only enables you to accelerate your processes but also to react more flexibly to any market requirement.

All of your product communication content is located on one central, web-based marketing content platform:

  • Product information (Product master data, technical attributes, texts, accessories)
  • Media assets (images, graphics, videos, documents, layout templates)
  • Text assets (Content Marketing text, slogans, PR articles)
  • Translations of all information
  • Customer profile data

As your reliable software partner, we competently support you with all issues related to your product information, digital assets and multichannel tasks, including: central management, maintenance, coordination, quality assurance and continuous updates.