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Content Marketing is becoming more and more important

Relevant content is becoming increasingly important for marketing and corporate communications across all channels: The need for intelligent content management solutions is growing parallel to the success of contextual marketing. Due to future complexity and multidimensionality of content, data processes for regions, languages, channels, target groups, media types and semantic representations must be perfectly orchestrated.

Today, marketing and communication professionals already have to deal with overwhelming quantities of content – where a single content module may contain well over a hundred branches! From the versioning of individual information modules to the lifecycle management of a complete content portfolio; if even one central message in a comprehensive information module changes, the efficiency and capacity of the entire editorial infrastructure are put to the test.

Due to competition law requirements in various countries and certain sectors’ regulations, texts and descriptions are one of marketing’s most sensitive subjects. Marketing information must meet legally-binding requirements. Faulty or deceptive product marketing texts can lead to costly legal proceedings!

Therefore, requirements are high on process safety, documentation and version controls, especially within the following industries: Finance, Pharma, Chemistry, CPG and Food. And without the right software support, release processes are typically very complex and extremely time-consuming.

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Contentserv gives you an efficient Solution for your Content:

  • Manage and coordinate texts and translations centrally, quickly, and cost effectively
  • Observe country-specific regulations and laws easily
  • Reduce translation costs massively through integrated Translation Management
  • Don’t worry about text adaptations since texts are directly adopted into media creation, without media disruption.
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The solution: multidimensional content engineering

Companies that wish to efficiently orchestrate their marketing, publishing and communication processes multidimensionally, rely on entirely new technological approaches. This system-based support is essential for future-proofing your contextual marketing.

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Secure Content Marketing Processes through clearly structured Roles, Rights and Task Management

Contentserv’s content engine with overarching responsibility model guides publishing cooperation among your employees – across all departments and locations! It offers clear assignment of roles and direct access rights to owner-relevant content and workflow elements. Functioning as a central collaboration environment, an innovative content engine also ensures seamless and efficient workflows. Automated content proposals and preparation of individual, role-based processing environments take the burden off of your employees and teams, ensuring that resources are sustainably bundled.

Team and editorial directors also benefit from centrally-controlled content processes. Thus mapping of editorial tasks and responsibilities becomes both clear and reliable. Ad hoc messages during creation, release and publishing processes provide constant insight into the status of individual editorial tasks and projects. The open collaboration structure of a content engine also supports the simple yet secure integration of external service providers such as freelancers, media and PR agencies.

Translation agencies can be integrated right where they are needed within the editing process without losing any time. Approved changes are automatically adopted in the output media. Therefore, foreign subsidiaries and partners can access current, consistent marketing materials at any time!

Reduce Efforts with our Content Management of Digital Assets

An optimal role and access structure not only creates the necessary framework for efficient editorial processes, it also guarantees adherence to compliance requirements. In addition, easy to operate surfaces and intuitive research functions also increase the rate of existing content’s reuse. Therefore our solution enables the optimal use of your content assets!

Our sophisticated content engine is based on  a very user-friendly approach. It displays similar or thematically relevant text modules, thus offering incentives for re-using existing content. Basic information that can be re-used for numerous media, regions, target groups and forms of presentation only has to be entered once. It is then converted into tagged content modules that are automatically separated into the categories “must” or “can”. This function simplifies research and also ensures that all regions and departments deliver content that's tailored exactly to their target groups, desired channels or mediums.

Increase Quality through Standardization

Establishing standards offers numerous advantages, both on processes and on editing. Content that is structured (for example according to marketing and technical criteria or from a sales point of view) is organized into information modules which – along with classification standards and style sheets – form an essential foundation for cross-dimensional, company-wide communication.

Standardization guarantees stringent compliance with format, structure, design and messaging specifications, while also conforming to mission statements and corporate identity. Direct access to format templates and prioritized content modules also ensure faster workflows.

Your Advantages at a Glance!

Accelerate and simplify all content creation, coordination and release processes by using Contentserv's Marketing Content Management! Now you can:

  • Coordinate all needed text content for your international communication centrally and make it available to all users
  • Seamlessly integrate all content dimensions and enjoy a full use of your content intelligence
  • React quickly and flexibly to new legal conditions and to changes in the market thanks to maximum traceability and compliance conformity
  • Reach enormous time-savings and cost-savings by putting an end to duplication of efforts
  • Manage projects and tasks centrally and efficiently with optimized content workflows and efficient partially automated editorial processes across all locations
  • Increase the quality of your processes, content and media outputs with our tried and proven lifecycle management, which turns your content infrastructure into a “learning system”
  • Accelerate your time-to-approval and significantly shorten your time-to-market
  • Have a transparent overview of where and in which version content is used at all times
  • Enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive Content Management for digital assets, with its sophisticated Responsibility Model for a clear role and access structure
  • Because all existing systems can be integrated, rest assured that your existing investments are protected! Four Solution Modules (Standard)

Marketing Information Management – the End-to-End Solution

Lay the perfect Foundation for your Data Management with our Integrated Solutions


Excellent product communication with Contentserv PIM: Simplify your product information’s management processes and optimize your data maintenance as well as your multi-channel output in multiple languages.



Seamlessly merge together all types of media data on one interface: images, videos, PDFs, Adobe®InDesign® data and many more formats can be managed centrally and flexibly with Contentserv’s DAM, our fully-integrated media database.



 Marketing Content Management by Contentserv supports you with all tasks related to Content Marketing. Now accelerate and simplify all of your text and content creation, coordination and release processes.


Generate all of your translations processes for all languages in order to keep your marketing content transparent and digital across one central platform: From here, control all To-Dos and processes from the assignment to the multichannel outputs.



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