What Makes CONTENTSERV Unique?

We bridge the gap between IT and Business – We bring the two worlds together:


With high-end MDM functionalities like: Golden Record creation, match & merge, versioning & audit trails, business rules, and import & export staging

CONTENTSERV offers a high-end, fully scalable architecture complete with the newest technologies on the market and therefore a polyglot persistence strategy across Cassandra, Elastic Search, optional Orient DB, Neo4J, and Swift.

Optimized to work in a high-availability environment, with full monitoring, minimum downtime, disaster recovery and optionally across multiple datacenters.

We speak IT jargon and understand its’ daily necessity.

We also have a highly reliable and future-proof infrastructure component that acts as a central data hub across the organization.


With business-driven and out-of-the-box (OOTB) features like: Content Marketing, Context Marketing, Product Information Management, Integrated Media Asset Management, & Multichannel Publishing.

CONTENTSERV offers an end-to-end system providing all functions for integrated product marketing & communication, all the way down to managing promotions & campaigns!

High-end Usability - Comfort and efficiency features such as portals, dashboards, tooltips, drag & drop and previews for output channels

We speak marketing jargon and understand its’ daily necessity!

We drive your business by providing the best customer experience on the market with a user-friendly system that makes working in it enjoyable.