Leitz optimizes its international Multichannel Marketing

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Leitz is now banking on the internationales Multichannel Management by Contentserv

Focus on global presence and uniform brand identity

Leitz, the leading manufacturer of precision tools and process designed tool systems, has decided to replace its existing PIM system with the innovative solution by Contentserv.

Rohrbach/Ilm: 07.08.2015 – The company Leitz GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Oberkochen, Baden-Wuerttemberg wants to structure its Multichannel Management more efficiently in order to be able to take better account of its growing international requirements. Leitz is now banking on the web-based Marketing Information Management solution by the software producer Contentserv. From now on, the web-based Marketing Information Management solution (MIM) will be used to centrally manage product master data for approximately 8,000 items such as images, videos and texts and enable the mostly fully-automated output across all channels. The company focuses on international multichannel communication.

Full-range provider with manufacturer’s warranty

The range of products of this traditional and international company comprises the entire assortment of machine-driven precision tools for the professional processing of solid wood, wood-derived and plastics materials. The range of customers includes industrial corporations and craft businesses from the wood and plastics processing industry that use Leitz products in window and timber production, as well as panel processing and furniture production.

International Multichannel Management

In order to market its more than 8,000 articles on a global scale, Leitz is now banking on a Multichannel marketing mix consisting of catalogs, online shops and an external sales force team as well as an app that was developed by CONTENTSERV partner SDZeCOM. This app enables the user to access quickly and easily the Leitz encyclopedia from their mobile devices.

In order to manage its product data as efficiently as possible and distribute the data across all channels, Leitz already used a system for Product Information Management and Media Asset Management in the past. However, this previous system reached its limits and was no longer able to map the complexity of international Multichannel Management. This is why Leitz decided to replace it with the Marketing Information Management System (MIM) by Contentserv.

Customized solutions

The web-based Contentserv software solution is going to facilitate the automated output of manifold product information via the relevant channels. In addition, the Product Information Management System (PIM-System), the center piece of the Contentserv MIM solution, will take over the central management and automated multichannel output of all marketing information – online as well as offline. Contentserv’s fully-integrated MAM system (Media Asset Management) will centrally manage all media content before providing them to all involved parties. In addition, the central workflow management assumes the system-wide control of all processes while Contentserv’s Translation Management is going to ensure that the requirements of international communication are met. Contentserv will implement this project at Leitz together with its implementation partner SDZeCOM.

For more information on the CONTENTSERV solutions, please visit us at www.contentserv.com.

Leitz optimizes its international Multichannel MarketingCarra Enthaler14. July 2016 May 7th, 2018
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