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Challenges of the Telecommunication & Services Industry

The Moment of Truth - or the idea that most customers gain an impression of a company through the Internet before personally getting to know it - is transforming marketing communication into an increasingly decisive factor in the future development of telecommunication and service companies.

This means the services descriptions must be not only appealing in-depth, but also penetrating across all customer channels. In the next step, this information must be consistently maintained across all customer touch points. To offer your customers a convincing customer journey, it's therefore important to address the following marketing issues:

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Insights into the Contentserv Telecommunication & Services Solution

Market your services like products

Sophisticated texts and descriptions allow you to exploit your services portfolio and the corresponding added value. Digitalize your sales arguments and unique selling points and bring them to the customer across all channels.

This is easily done with the help of a Product Information Management system, which you can use to describe your services in a structured fashion. Communication through all of the channels is handled by the system - fast´n`easy.

Unified customer communication across all touch points

Your customers think in needs and not in your separate lines of business. Your departments should thus maintain their offers and services in one central Product Information Management System in order to work with, understand and communicate with your customers in a unified way. This brings together your strengths in separate business lines, but also allows you to bundle your services for promotional purposes. Market them efficiently across all channels and customer touch points - fast´n`easy.

Improve operational efficiency

All service, offer and product descriptions are centrally maintained where they can be located by all departments within your enterprise. Search times will be drastically reduced and the workflows will ensure that collaboration between the departments allows them to optimally promote and describe their portfolios - fast´n`easy.

Best-in-class promotion management

With centralized promotion and campaign management linked to the Product Information Management system, you will target your customers on all channels with the right message at the right time. Instead of bombarding your customers with information, you can attract their attention in a meaningful way through interaction - fast´n`easy.

Contentserv’s Software Solution gives you a competitive edge!

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Your Marketing Success with our Software Solutions

Lay the perfect foundation for a genuinely successful product experience for all of your customers


Excellent product communication with Contentserv PIM: Simplify your product information’s management processes and optimize your data maintenance as well as your multi-channel output in multiple languages.



Seamlessly merge together all types of media data on one interface: images, videos, PDFs, Adobe®InDesign® data and many more formats can be managed centrally and flexibly with Contentserv’s DAM, our fully-integrated media database.



 Marketing Content Management by Contentserv supports you with all tasks related to Content Marketing. Now accelerate and simplify all of your text and content creation, coordination and release processes.



Generate all of your translation processes, for all languages, in order to keep your marketing content transparent and digital across one central platform: From here, control all To-Dos and processes from the assignment to the multichannel outputs.



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Telecommunication & Services – Some of our Customers

By implementing Contentserv, companies in the Telecommunication & Services sector improve their operational efficiency and unify customer communication across all touch points.

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