Forward-Thinking Solutions for the Retail Industry

Efficiently fulfill the highly complex expectations of versatile customers

Retailers need to be creative while focusing on Customer Experience

In the Retail industry, merchants need to be forward-thinking as they face highly complex expectations from versatile, hyper-connected customers. They must find new ways to test and rapidly discover which solution works best and which trends are going to be next – either offline, online, at POS or on any mobile device.

Due to hyperconnectivity and demand pressures, retail companies need to offer their customers the right choice of products at the right time through the use of highly targeted messages. The resulting complexity is not only due to providing consistent data, but also to managing variants for different Buyer Personas and real-time optimization for a personalized Customer Experience. Thus, the need for centralized Product Information Management and real-time Multichannel Management has become highly visible.

Our Retail Solution helps you implement a successful enterprise strategy for your digital transformation, by:

  • Resolving data and information silos that are restricting your organization
  • Collecting and onboarding data from different suppliers or data pools in a variety of qualities and formats, then
  • Turning the collected information into an accurate and standardized product data pool, and
  • Publishing it across all channels and touch points, ideally based on rich and relevant product content
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