Address the High Complexity Needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Meet the Challenges of a highly regulated branch with our leading technology solution

Cope with tough Competition

The Pharmaceutical Industry is faced with a rapidly changing healthcare landscape and fierce competition from generics resulting in lower growth and profit margins. In order to remain competitive, the pharma companies need to adapt to changing conditions such as the rise of the informed consumer, value-based medicine, and developments in regulatory requirements.

In such a competitive and highly regulated industry it is an absolute necessity for the pharma companies to leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of their processes while lowering operational costs. At the same time it is also crucial to ensure greater regulatory compliance and efficiencies while reducing development costs.

Use the Power of a Best-in-Class Industry Solution

How do average performing companies become market leaders? It’s often through software that is based on industry-specific best practices, best processes, and preconfigured data models. Industry-specific software speeds up project implementation, creates faster ROI and assures that users get the exact functionality needed to perform daily work quickly and easily.

CONTENTSERV helps you stand out from the crowd! With our best-in-class solutions you´ll be able to address the special and highly complex needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry, thereby gaining the distinct advantage of increasing your profitability, managing your limitless amounts of safety data and accurate, timely reporting. Of course our system fulfills the high requirements of Title 21 CFR Part 11.

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