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Challenges faced by the Hardware, Tools and DIY Industry

One small tool can be a complete blocker! Especially when its’ presence is critical for completing schedules and meeting deadlines. A missing spare part can compromise plant availability and cause production losses. Supply chains and customer demands are becoming more and more complex. With rising product variance and changing classification of parts, the household hardware industry is finding it tougher to coordinate supply chains and satisfy end consumers. Another challenge facing the industry is the increasing competition from low-cost, low-priced imports produced in China and elsewhere.

Other immediate problems, which are unique to the hardware tools industry, are SKU generation, legal compliance, and forecasting difficulties. Technical catalog production is another tedious process which costs a hardware and tool manufacturer a lot of resources. And of course quality is a very important attribute that separates one company from the next.

The dynamic solutions from Contentserv help hardware and tool manufacturers  overcome the above mentioned challenges, by providing the following advantages:

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