Enhanced Product Communication for the CPG Industry

Decrease Competitive Constraints in the CPG Industry and Accelerate your Time-to-Market

The Pressure is on for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Today CPG companies need to be more efficient than ever since they are faced with an economic environment that makes raising prices difficult. To remain competitive in today’s challenging market the CPG players have to gain more productivity by optimizing collaboration between all concerned parties.

Consumer Packaged Goods companies are also subject to a wide range of local regulations and market demands, from labeling requirements to supply chain and safety standards. To maintain regulatory compliance, they need consistent information on materials and products as well as their lineage from suppliers. Often, however, this critical data is trapped in siloed systems, leading to slow procurement processes and delays in onboarding suppliers.

Use the Power of a Best-in-Class Industry Solution

What differentiates best-in-class companies from average performers? It's actually industry-specific software that is based on best practices, processes, and preconfigured data models for your industry. This accelerates the project implementation, creates a faster ROI and assures that your business users get the exact functionality they need.

Addressing the special and highly complex needs of the CPG Industry the Contentserv solution delivers enhanced process visibility – supporting streamlined packaging and specification management, faster regulatory reporting and accelerated time-to-market. This enables you to increase profitability and manage your product communication requirements more effective than ever before.


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