Comprehensive Solution for Consumer Goods

Reduce your Time to Market and optimize your Data Quality - for the ideal Customer Experience

The pressure is on the Consumer Goods Industry

In today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive marketplace, the Consumer Goods industry is plagued by pressure to innovate and deliver improved new products with the same or fewer resources. Some of the other daunting challenges facing the industry include demanding consumers, intense regulatory scrutiny, environmental sustainability, remote partners and suppliers etc. Today, most new products are failing to meet product launch objectives due to reasons like limited visibility and inefficient processes leading to slower time to market.

CONTENTSERV provides a comprehensive way to tackle the above mentioned challenges by delivering enhanced process visibility, faster regulatory reporting and accelerated market times.

Use the Power of a Best-in-Class Industry Solution

The Consumer Goods industry is driven by brand building and innovation. Thanks to globalization, increasing customer expectations and challenging economic times, consumer goods companies need to rethink how they do business. They need to better understand customers, connect with them, gain customer trust, reach new markets, and innovate new products, all while driving costs down.

CONTENTSERV ’s deep innovation experience in the consumer goods industry gives the users a complete overview, leads to high data quality, shortens time-to-market, creates consistency across channels - and much more. CONTENTSERV helps consumer goods organizations to adapt and remain competitive in today’s changing marketplace by accelerating revenue, reducing costs, improving quality, and ensuring compliance.  Built on a flexible and modular architecture, CONTENTSERV solutions provide the broadest and most comprehensive end-to-end PIM solution in the industry today.


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