Onboarding: Highly Sophisticated Imports are a Must-Have!

Supplier Dashboard in the Enterprise PIM

Process and architecture with multiple staging areas aggregating data from different source systems, across different locations and trust zones.

High-end Tools for Import, Staging and Onboarding

Information sources are constantly increasing - our leading technology solution grows along with the demand!

Stop patching together your imports! Instead, contribute to an excellent customer experience, by setting up a strategic solution that grows with both your business and the ever increasing number of information sources:

  • All write access happens via one unified and fully scalable strategy. From API-based system integration, automate your import to supplier onboarding.
  • Write commits transfer to the global repository, after  resolving relationships, checking data consistency and improving data quality via rules or manual editing.
  • We can gradually evolve the import syndication strategy, from: manual, to semi-automated, and then to a fully automated process via the staging area.
  • Offering a wide choice of rule-based options, we can automatically aggregate data from single Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) into marketing products upon import.
  • Because the whole data model is replicated in the staging areas,we ensure that data quality and consistency checks create any load on the global data repository.

Clean master data has become a precious commodity. The current challenge in attaining it, has resulted from the shift towards enriching master data with relevant and meaningful content, in order to adjust to target audiences’ information needs.

In order to save time and avoid tediously keying in data again and again, an efficient import syndication module is an absolute must–have! Because it is only possible to enrich your contextualization processes, when an abundance of single articles can be efficiently bundled into meaningful marketing products.

Contentserv offers you high-end functionalities for import, staging and onboarding. Learn all about the capabilities of our enterprise solution:

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