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Ensure Data Quality

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While MDM systems are good options for consistent master data, the quest for data quality remains a constant challenge involving each and every information system in the supply chain.

No single system can ever be entirely aware of all facets of truth, which is why a true Enterprise PIM system aggregates and assures data quality to provide valuable content for the customer journey – across many different systems and in all channels and touchpoints. This involves checking every import source within the whole data management process for data quality issues until product information is ready to release to customers.

In order to orchestrate a complex data quality process  from start to finish, you should consider the following:
  • Integrating a Data Quality Strategy for Import Staging, Core and Export Staging
  • Data Stewardship based on a sophisticated Data Governance model
  • Making data quality a feasible principal of data editing/approval processes: Configure personal QM dashboards with inboxes for quality tasks /workflows, reporting KPIs and many useful quality shortcuts
  • Rule-based classification, matching and linking
  • Match and Merge for Golden Record / Set creation

But that’s not all! Let us show you how to implement quality management within your company.

Contentserv offers you high-end functionalities for an optimum data quality. Learn all about the capabilities of our enterprise solution:


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