Data Editing & Data Management: Demand Usability and Efficiency

PIM meets DAM: Product data and digital assets are seamlessly interconnected in Contentserv

Our high-end solution for usability and efficiency in data editing

Simple & Smart Solution for your Product Data

Get the best out of your companies’ data in order to utilize your ideas and create a meaningful Product Experience!

Managing thousands of product data sets is a tedious task. With all of their details and benefits, optimizing products for numerous target groups and situations is a Herculean task – it can’t be delegated to just anybody!

Positioning a company's products with the right messages, to the right people, at the right time, is core strategic business that involves the best and most creative people across marketing, sales, product management, training as well as numerous external content and localization providers. For these highly-qualified specialists, when considering costs and the salary levels involved, excellent usability and time-savings are key for acceptance.

Usability & Efficiency are key in Data Editing & Data Management!

How can you make work fun for knowledge experts – driving both involvement and commitment– simply by using Contentserv? Three ways how:


User friendly Forms with Responsive Design

  • Access editing, reporting and previews from equally across all desktop, tablet and or smartphone equally devices
  • Quick navigation using via keyboard and context- sensitive help for fast and easy usage


  • Configure personal dashboards with inboxes for tasks / workflows, reporting KPIs and many useful shortcuts
  • Provide relevant information where it is needed in a clever way: simply and legibly
  • Mix dashboard tiles from all application areas: products, media assets, rich media content and backend functions
  • Create dashboards on single product, category, module or application levels. Write commits transfer to the global repository, after resolving relationships, checking data consistency and improving data quality via rules or manual editing

Previews (Channel / Context / Audience)

  • View any content from the customer's perspective – optimized for their personal profile, situation and channel used
  • Motivates content and product managers by giving them a preview of how easy their editing work can be – and creating excellent customer experience
  • Eliminate errors by receiving layouts and contexts at the earliest stage possible
  • Visualize data quality and eliminate abstract data in order to highlight useful information

There´s more: Learn about how to create an Excellent User Experience and Maximum Efficiency

Contentserv offers you high-end functionalities to simplify your complex data management. Learn all about the capabilities of our enterprise solution:

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