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The information supply chain for launching and updating data-rich content products spans a multitude of teams, departments organisational units, external partners, suppliers and vendors –  all of whom provide master data that needs to be checked, merged and cleansed by data stewards.

Once a golden record is created, the adventure really begins! To reach their marketing goals, channel owners, target group experts and local subsidiaries all contribute their content requirements. Agencies, content aggregators
and freelancers also provide videos, storytelling content and additional photos. Customers also provide important content, such as reviews, ratings and product stories – all of which needs review and aggregation!

In order to orchestrate such a complex information supply chain and produce a unique customer journey: clear responsibilities, sophisticated workflows and intelligent task, annotation, review and approval processes are key.

So, now you have it! Simplified Responsibility, Workflows, Tasks & Approvals

Get a sneak peek at what our software features have to offer:

Tasks and Annotations

  • Tasks are created, delegated, approved and closed, based on workflow rules and responsibility assignment
  • Tasks can refer to product attributes such as: objects, media assets, rich-data content, single attributes and text assets equally
  • Assign tasks by team managers, based on either active assumption or on automated patterns (round robin, least workload, etc.)
  • Track timelines, capacities, workloads and milestones based on calendar views and reports

Sophisticated Workflows

  • An event-driven architecture (EDA) can trigger actions to automate workflows, assign tasks and fuel Inboxes
  • Events include: version merge / inheritance / data transfer conflicts, updates on observed fields, data quality exceptions and notifications when critical threshold targets in reporting services are reached
  • Workflows can be built from scratch or based on pre-configured workflow modules

Responsibility Assignment with RACI-VS & Notifications

  • RACI-VS describes: who and which roles are Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI) when taking care of Verification and Sign-off (VS).
  • The Contentserv System includes RACI-VS, which is implemented, e.g.: in the workflows, tasks,etc.

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