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High-quality Product Content is selling best

Consistent information about your products is the key to convincing your customers and to successfully selling goods. No matter if you´re selling via e-commerce, owned channels or indirectly via distributors, marketplaces and partners. Our Enterprise Tools and Features will power your success.

Consistency and Quality is essential when it comes to Product Data

High quality content is about managing an abundance of images, videos, technical data and product marketing information. It is also about storytelling and engaging customers in a constant dialog across their customer journey. Managing this content accurately carries a lot of collaborative effort – thus Sales, Marketing and Product Management, and in most cases, also many other departments and suppliers – have to apply the right messages, at the right time, to create a unique customer experience. Moreover, suppliers generally do not provide you with the appropriate quality of product information that is needed for staging a unique customer experience.

The Enterprise Solution offers sophisticated Collaboration and Data Quality Tools

Contentserv allows you to survey all of your tasks at any time and to ensure perfect data quality for credible communication. Data Quality Gates ensure that only approved and best quality content is published. Comfort and efficiency functions such as inheritance, version management, intelligent text rules and many more, save time and money while ensuring maximum consistency across all channels.

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All Channels – online and offline – are yours!

Your customers expect consistent product information across all touchpoints. Hereby a modern customer journey often involves many steps – from the first contact to the final purchase. Hopping from channel to channel, customers jump from leaflets and print catalogs to the website or e-commerce platform – from social websites to shops, market places to call centers.

Such a long customer journey needs to be fueled with accurate and consistent product information at any touch point.

Power your Customer Journey and drive Supreme Customer Experience

Contentserv´s modular software solutions enable you to store and update all of your content in one centralized source and publish it into all channels and outputs. While you approve a new product or change a price, image, attribute or key message, we syndicate all of your content to all internal and external systems – regardless of whether it’s a bestseller or a “long tail” (niche) product. No matter which content type – product information, assets or editorial content – we manage it all! You won’t have data, processes and communication silos any more – making your customer communication fast ‘n’ easy.

Within one strategic solution, manage all kinds of product-related content, improve your customer’s omnichannel experience and focus on creativity, growth and creating competitive advantage!

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TRUST that we are proud of – and that gives you peace of mind

300,000 users in 89 countries already trust in Contentserv’s solutions and use our tools daily in various industries and branches.


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These Features Are Most Frequently Requested by Our Customers

End-to-End Solution For All of Your Needs   

  • A high-end solution for Product Information Management
  • Can be extended to Master Data Management
  • Fully-integrated Media and Text Asset Management
  • Powerful Multichannel Management
  • Integrated Localization and Translation Management

Data Editing: Usability and Comfort

  • Easy-to-use and appealing interface
  • Dashboard and task list that don’t require any training and everybody loves them!
  • Merging and comparison within one smart and integrated interface
  • Google-like Search Portal that everybody in and outside of your company can use, to get the exact information he/she is looking for
  • Instant Channel Previews and Channel Performance Reports with the option to adjust previews by buying persona/situational perspective
  • Localization and Translation Management

Data Quality and Master Data Management

  • An integrated Data Quality Strategy for import staging, core and export staging of product information and content (such as assets and text) 
  • Data Stewardship based on a sophisticated Data Governance Model
  • Rule-based Classification, Matching & Linking
  • Match & Merge for Golden Record/Set Creation

Process Control: Orchestration and Compliance

  • Fully integrated graphical Workflow Engine to improve digitalization of processes
  • Messaging and notifications according to responsibilities (RACI-VS model)
  • Dashboard for orchestrating workflows, tasks, data quality and reporting
  • Full version history, audit trail, archiving strategy and version rollback with merge strategy

Contextual Master Data Management

  • Profound support of Context Marketing issues, grouped by product and attribute variants
  • Multidimensional attributes for configurable products and complex pricing
  • Managing of affinities for optimized marketing as needed for audiences/context/situation

Multichannel Customer Experience

  •  Optimizing Product Content for audiences
  • Creating Awareness with Story-telling: For relevant and useful content
  • Editorial Product Content Marketing for Social Media Awareness

Multichannel Performance

  • Connectors to all leading e-Commerce solutions and Web Experience Management solutions, to automatically publish your content across all channels and touch points 
  • Fully-integrated Print Output Management with Adobe InDesign – all publication needs can be handled with a set of modules, such as:  an easy-to-use Whiteboard, Web-based Editing, Approval and Translation of InDesign documents and an interface fully-integrated to InDesign, in order to manage the placement of each content object on any page or section

End-to-End Solution for Product Communication

  • Fully-integrated Promotion & Campaign Management
  • Workflows and Task Management take care of the data from import to implementation, via campaigns and promotions across all channels and touch points
  • Data is always centrally accessible and therefore always has the same communication “roots”

Architecture: Scaling and Performance

  • Multi data center deployment option for minimum latency global access
  • Fully scalable Export Staging Area with triggered, scheduled and real-time data delivery
  • Fully scalable Import Staging Area with bulk update interface and multi-supplier staging zones
  • Polyglot Persistence for maximum scalability and performance

IT Strategy: Safety and Quick ROI

  • Simple migration from Cloud to On-Premise
  • Data Modeling and Visual Form Editing via user interface
  • Pre-packaged configurations for verticals and out-of-the box integrations
  • Full Data Model and Data Dump in readable format for system migration

Would you like to learn more about Contentserv' PIM Solution? Experience how it works:

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Lay the perfect foundation for your data management


Excellent product communication with Contentserv PIM: Simplify your product information’s management processes and optimize your data maintenance as well as your multi-channel output in multiple languages.

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Master your product data easily across your entire organization. Provide consistent, meaningful and context-optimized master data to every channel and every customer need that one might think of.  Thus secure a sustainable competitive advantage thanks to superior customer experience.




Seamlessly merge together all types of media data on one interface: images, videos, PDFs, Adobe®InDesign® data and many more formats can be managed centrally and flexibly with Contentserv’s DAM, our fully-integrated media database for a 360° product experience.



 Marketing Content Management by Contentserv supports you with all tasks related to Content Marketing. Now accelerate and simplify all of your text and content creation, coordination and release processes.


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