INSIGHTS into the Enterprise Features of Contentserv

Gain Comprehensive Support for All of Your Product and Marketing Needs

High-quality Product Content is Selling Best

Consistent information about your products is the key to convincing your customers and to successfully selling goods. No matter if you´re selling via e-commerce, owned channels or indirectly via distributors, marketplaces and partners. Our Enterprise Tools and Features will power your success.

Consistency and Quality Are Essential When It Comes to Product Data

High quality content is about managing an abundance of images, videos, technical data and product marketing information. It is also about storytelling and engaging customers in a constant dialog across their customer journey. Managing this content accurately carries a lot of collaborative effort – thus Sales, Marketing and Product Management, and in most cases, also many other departments and suppliers – have to apply the right messages, at the right time, to create a unique customer experience. Moreover, suppliers generally do not provide you with the appropriate quality of product information that is needed for staging a unique customer experience.

The Enterprise Solution Offers Sophisticated Collaboration and Data Quality Tools

Contentserv allows you to survey all of your tasks at any time and to ensure perfect data quality for credible communication. Data Quality Gates ensure that only approved and best quality content is published. Comfort and efficiency functions such as inheritance, version management, intelligent text rules and many more, save time and money while ensuring maximum consistency across all channels.

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