Offer the right Content, at the right Time, and in the right Context!


Ensured Customer Experience –
thanks to the right context-based marketing data!

  • Contextualize everything easily: Images, descriptions, prices, technical data, charts, product-to-product relationships – anything can be contextualized for optimally targeted marketing! This allows you to manage themes with optimized media asset variants. Create content that focuses on and adjusts to your audience’s needs.
  • Manage Buyer Personas and Define Parameters: Easily manage your buyer personas to highlight common audience profiles and create situations that set up corresponding environmental parameters.
  • Preview for context and audience: At any given time, take a sneak peek at how a given buyer persona will view the content in a specific situation.

Real-time Delivery across all Channels –
Proven and Tested

  • Supply Content for every possible Situation: Provide all of your content in real-time and adjusted for channels, audiences and situations.
  • Deliver Flexible Formats: With the built-in template engine, choose between providing data (XML, JSON) or pre-formatted layouts (HTML, PDF) with on-the-fly rendering.
  • Be Prepared for Future Challenges: Real-time delivery is a huge technological challenge! On the technical side: We make real-time delivery work safely with unlimited scalability, using cluster technology. On the business side: We ensure smooth operations, easy to use processes and great user experience.

Simple and User Friendly –
Usage and Configuration

  • Outstanding Usability: Contentserv is so easy to use that any product manager or marketer is able to create context-aware product information and multichannel outputs without the support of specialized IT departments.
  • Simple Configuration: New attributes, output formats and context-specific setup can be configured visually and without IT expertise. This is where an Enterprise PIM System really makes the difference!
  • Comprehensive approach: With one system that stores everything, digitalize your entire product communication – you won’t need data, system and process silos anymore! Contentserv includes: PIM, DAM, Editorial Content, Promotion and Campaign Solutions - all in one system.

Want to know more? Learn more about the benefits of the Enterprise PIM System and get a first impression of the system:

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