Shift from Omnichannel to On-Demand

Great product experiences begin with the personalization of complete, consistent, and accurate product content across all touchpoints, in real-time.  With our Product Experience Platform, you can deliver optimized products, assortments, and presentations that address the needs of your specific audience — on-demand for an in-context consumer journey.

Optimize Customer Interactions

Exceed expectations using content intelligence.

Tie rich product information to Big Data analytics to gain insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences. Create a truly personalized product experience.

Get to know your customers’ habits through Master Data Management.

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Key Capabilities

Product Content
Acquire and manage product data, digital assets, location data, supplier information, and more in a centralized location. Share consistent, accurate and up-to-date information internally and externally to online and offline channels.
Marketing Content
Create and manage high-impact campaigns, promotions, and events to address your consumers’ needs, in the context of personas, situations, and channels.
Partner Engagement
Allow internal and external suppliers to join in your business process – design partner-specific endpoints and maintain separation between the supplier data catalog and the main data catalog.
Customer Engagement
Present timely, relevant, and attractive content by considering data points on persona, mood, place, and event. Adjust the campaign for availability, supplier preferences, and other key factors.
Content Insights
Gain intelligence on content quality and customers’ interactions with promotions and campaigns to better personalize and fine-tune your content.

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