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Part of the full Product Experience Platform, our PIM surpasses ordinary management systems. Collaborate with your partners efficiently, onboard product information quickly, ensure your content has the necessary quality, and publish to the right channels, at the right time — and in the right context.

Rich Content

Emotion is a powerful motivator.

Emotionally evocative images and videos have the potential to fully engage your customers and motivate them to act. Creation of such vibrant and inspiring content also represents a considerable investment. Contentserv’s fully-integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) component allow you to combine this content with related product information, from multiple sources, in a single repository. This fuels rich product experiences across all communication channels,motivate them to act—and improves your bottom line.

Find out how you can reduce content production costs by up to 50%.

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Key Features and Modules

Data Onboarding
Automate the onboarding of data from ERP and legacy systems, suppliers’ feeds, and data pools.
Data Quality
Ensure content quality by leveraging rule-based classification, normalization, matching, and linking.
Complex Data Structures Modeling
Associate and relate complex data models to allow simple and fast retrieval of relevant information.
Integrated Workflow Management
Allow your business users to enable collaboration, automation, and orchestration of your business processes.
Roles and Privileges
Enforce the needed access policy by implementing your RACI model through sophisticated roles and privileges management.
Product Data Editing & Management
Reduce manual effort and ensure consistency thanks to powerful editing tools.
Powerful Search
Gain usability from faceted search & filtering / bookmarks & collections.
Digital Asset Management
Manage all your digital assets consistently and associate them with your product information to create vibrant and relevant content.
Translation Management
Manage multiple languages centrally in a highly automated fashion for all your output channels.
Manage the Context
Take in consideration personas, places, promotions, and campaigns to better personalize your content.
Data Offboarding
Supply complete, consistent, targeted, and channel-optimized product information.
Real-Time Data Delivery
Supply complete, consistent, targeted, and channel-optimized product information.

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