Product Information Management

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Data Consolidation

Import product data from multiple sources, systems and formats fast using a fully automated process. No need to worry about defining business rules first. You can immediately import data or product catalogs into a staging area for quality and consistency checks, cleansing and editing before pushing into the PIM system. Product data can be imported from multiple suppliers (using our supplier portal solution), raw material vendors, data pools, third-party content aggregators, agencies, legacy ERP systems, decentralized business units, your CRM and more.

Data Quality

Measure the accuracy, completeness, conformity and uniqueness of your product information, including de-duplication for complex data regardless of language or structure. Ensure content quality by leveraging rule-based classification, normalization and matching and linking. Use KPI reporting to gain an understanding of your products and any associated errors to enable users to take corrective action based on standards and predefined rules applied to those products.

Collaborative Workflows

Integrated workflow management allows you to automate, collaborate and orchestrate your organization’s business processes based on notifications, decision and actions. Multiple users can create, edit and update product information in parallel to speed time-to-market. Users stay focused by only accessing relevant content and tasks based on roles and rule-based configurations via a graphical workflow editor.

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Digital Asset Management

Increase the conversion rate on your product pages when you associate your products with digital content. You can also create additional relationships with your digital assets using brand, location or supplier information.

Translation & Localization

Localization and translation management is available for all attributes and rich content. Translate data into many languages and localize units of measure and currencies. Automatically identify content that requires initial translation or correction. Efficiently manage products by linking a product to any or multiple markets and translating the relevant attribute once, therefore, reducing unnecessary re-translations and associated costs. Supports Unicode and double-byte characters. Integrates with leading localization providers.

Multichannel Publication & Syndication

Share product information seamlessly and consistently across all digital and offline sales channels, business systems and customer-facing applications. Automatically syndicate product information, regardless of format, language, currency or physical location via out of box connectors, without the need for unnecessary distribution tools. Internal business units, suppliers, trading partners, data pools and customers can access the most recent, accurate and complete product information available.

Contentserv is ISO 27001 certified

The security of your data is our highest priority – highlighting our commitment to maintaining the highest security levels for our customers’ data, now and in the future. Our certification means that we can proactively identify any risks, mitigate them as quickly as possible, and be willing to have all information security policies and capabilities audited every three years.

See the ISO 27001 certificate here

Contentserv Success Stories

We are thrilled to finally have a solution for our need to create a core repository of all product data that will ultimately support our strategy to strengthen the Tuthill brand. Contentserv met our initial requirements for a PIM solution and the team proved to be very helpful as they educated us on many features that will improve our internal processes. This is the start of a complete digital transformation and we are very excited about Tuthill’s future.

Traci Louvier, Director of Vision Branding

Your End-to-End Solution for Marketing, Sales and Product Teams

Data Modeling

Quickly configure and normalize complex product data models, both standard and hierarchical, across disparate data models – with no programming or downtime. Easily configure metadata on object types, reference types, attributes, workflows and business rules.

Data Visualization

Visualize the timeline from which to when a product or asset is valid and their associated tasks in a Gantt or Calendar view. Access the workflows of products and assets directly from these views – ultimately creating a collaborative environment for teams. See existing objects, assets and tasks with their duration, priority and corresponding workflow states.

Roles & Privileges

Control who has access to which content and assets, and to whom can edit, download or delete them. Actionable dashboards can be personalized based on roles and teams at the module-level. Access privileges can be maintained at the record and attribute level. Tasks can be created, delegated, approved and completed according to a user’s roles and privileges.

Channel Previews

Automatically create dynamic channel previews to see how a product will look from the perspective of the customer before it gets published to different channels for both print and digital. Data sheet preview provides a compact and visual preview of important facts, typically for review and approval purposes.

Base Variants

Efficiently create and accurately maintain product variants even down to the attribute level. Optimize images for cultural regions and gender, fine-tune product descriptions by language and audience, give product recommendations based on situations, pricing by region, and specs and technical data by phase in the customer journey.

Version & History Management

See when changes occur, by whom and where. Control the storage of different versions of a dataset to create a seamless audit trail for traceability and compliance. Auto-generate past versions, maintain referential integrity of all objects, control versions at the attribute level and rollback to a previous version in the system.

Smart Documents

Automate the generation of data sheets and non-creative content like place cards, price lists, catalog and other publications using approved product content with a click of a button. Global sales and marketing teams can access and download personalized product information in real-time - when they need it and in the right format.

Hierarchy Management

Easily create and manage hierarchies from collections and relationships or dynamic hierarchies based on group-by and filter criteria. Edit product data on product group level and all articles/SKUs inherit common properties via mother-child taxonomy. Link products to multiple hierarchies and multiple levels without duplicating data. Create relationships by classifying related products between two entities. Assign an object to various taxonomies or to multiple nodes within the same taxonomy. Attributes can be strictly inherited or set to only transfer data.

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