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New eBook: Digital Marketing – It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Customer Experience for Future Success – Digital Marketing Today

What requirements are needed to achieve a long-lasting, positive customer experience? Find out in the new eBook “Digital Marketing“, published by Contentserv.

Baar, Switzerland, November 13th, 2017: Thanks to digitalization, buying behavior and therefore product communication have both changed drastically. A positive shopping experience through all media channels is crucial nowadays, as customers get in contact with products through various touchpoints. Companies are now faced with the challenging task of closing the digitization gap and need to digitalize processes and workflows to avoid missing opportunities.  The new eBook from Contentserv – manufacturer of a technology-leading PIM solution, shows how this is possible despite an increasing number of touchpoints.

Customer Experience as a Key to Success

Digitalization has had a big impact on the purchasing behavior and will continue to do so. Today, customers are already well-informed before making a buying decision. Therefore, it is important for companies to be visible to the customers when they start their research online – at the so-called Zero Moment of Truth. Therefore, multichannel and inbound marketing are becoming more and more important.
Due to the usage of digital media, the customer journey has changed as well, which also impacts marketing and the daily work of marketers: As customers demand a consistent and relevant message through all channels and at the right time during their customer journey.

Challenges That Marketing of the Future Is Facing

Utilizing digitalization to be successful now and in the future is a key task for companies. On one hand the focus is more and more on the customer, his personal needs and demands (context marketing), on the other hand the integration of marketing technology in processes and workflows is key (marketing engineering). Additionally, it is important to get to know customers, to be able to define them in detail and develop concrete buyer personas.

Marketing and Digital Technology – Innovative Technologies as a Driving Force

While the focus used to be on brand management, today’s Marketing departments are company’s navigators towards a perfect sales approach and the provision of relevant content. To achieve consistent branding and a positive customer experience, content needs to be consistent across all touchpoints. Therefore it is important that data is centrally managed and not stored in different departments or even by external service providers. Innovative software solutions support this change and help with implementing automated marketing processes, allowing more time for strategy and creativity.
The new eBook ”Digital Marketing – It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult” explains which solutions are available and how integrated system architecture should be built. In addition, you will find information and useful tips regarding current marketing trends, customer experience and new technologies – so your company is ready for future challenges.
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