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Contentserv is a Forrester Selected DAM Provider

The renowned American analysts have published a new DAM Landscape

Forrester incorporates the innovative marketing software by Contentserv in its new vendor landscape of 20 selected DAM systems worldwide.

Rohrbach/Ilm March 17, 2016: Following another successful score in the Market Performance Wheels by the group of analysts LNC, CONTENTSERV and its integrated MAM solution is now also gaining recognition by Forrester: In the recently published study Contentserv is one of the 20 selected DAM providers. The renowned analysts at Forrester regularly publish a DAM/MAM suppliers’ directory that constitutes a valid basis for decision-making, in particular for international companies: The so-called DAM landscape. The Top 20 DAM providers worldwide – including Contentserv – were closely examined and divided into 3 categories: “enterprise”, “media and production” and “marketing.

More and more US companies are now banking on DAM / MAM

In order to be able to manage the increasingly comprehensive and complex marketing content and to distribute up-to-date content at all touch points in a target-oriented manner, more and more companies not only in Germany but also in the US, are now banking on a central Digital Asset Management. It consolidates, manages, maintains and provides all media data such as images, graphics, videos, templates, production data and much more via one single central platform, thus securing the quality of the data as well as the consistency of messages and branding across all channels. At the same time, the Digital Asset Management generates substantial cost savings for layout design and adaptation and facilitates a significantly quicker time-to-market.

Forrester DAM Landscape with the Top 20 providers

With its DAM Landscape, Forrester provides international companies with a clear decision-making tool as to which DAM to pick. The Top 20 DAM providers worldwide have been thoroughly examined and divided into three main DAM categories:

Enterprise: Solutions in this category meet the comprehensive media management requirements for enterprise scenarios – in particular for corporations and large scale enterprises. The focus is on the comprehensive customer requirements and data of large enterprises. There are only a few special providers for this segment.

Media and Production: This second category features providers whose solutions support in particular high-end productions  and are aimed primarily at agencies and media service providers- for example in the area of video productions. This segment mainly deals with the processing and saving of large volumes of data. There are few specialty suppliers for this category as well. The majority of providers can be found in the third category.

Marketing: The third segment focuses on the content management between different user groups as well as specific marketing-oriented applications and processes – for example Brand Management and the collaboration with creative agencies. Marketing is the most versatile area of application, which is strongly guided by the extensive requirements of the marketing departments. This category is also characterized by a high degree of innovativeness and therefore has the best prospects for the future.

Based on its substantial core competencies in the area Marketing Information Management, the integrated end-to-end solution by Contentserv has been placed in the marketing category. Contentserv offers a fully-integrated solution featuring both a MAM and PIM system that not only enable the central management of marketing and product information but also targeted and highly-automated output at multiple touch points, thus guaranteeing effective support for Brand Management and multichannel processes.

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