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CONTENTSERV CS17.0 – The Basis for a Perfect Product Experience

Contentserv presents Release CS17.0 of its technology-leading PIM

New Release CS17.0 by PIM provider Contentserv resoundingly scores across the board – with an expanded dashboard and a completely revised portal, including new import and export features and a Data Quality module.

Rohrbach, November 20, 2017 – This October during the annual Marketing Power Conference, Contentserv, provider of a technology-leading Product Information Management system (PIM), presented its new Release CS17.0 and revealed numerous new highlights. Among these highlights are an improved dashboard for more flexibility and transparency and an improved Data Quality module for all languages and output channels. With the new release, user-friendliness and handling have been improved even further, thus paving the way for efficient processes that ensure a sustainable product experience.

Portal: More modern and user-friendly than ever before!

In this year’s CS 17.0 Release, Contentserv has completely revised its MAM Portal. The result is increased user-friendliness based on a dashboard and OpenSearch module for optimized handling. The new interface facilitates the search for products and media contents which are collected and made available under predefined conditions for internal and external use (creation of any desired ranges of articles). The new portal can now also be mapped and operated via the versatile dashboard to facilitate a modern, individualized and effective user experience.

Data Flow:

With its new version CS17.0, Contentserv delivers a newly developed concept for import and export: the CORE Data Flow. After more than one year of development in ongoing customer projects and intensive field tests, this module has now been adopted as a standard feature.
The new module – CORE Data Flow, takes over the rather irregular, file-based acquisition and output of product data and is suited for ad hoc imports and exports that are prepared by administrators and can subsequently be easily carried out by the end user. Therefore, reusable import and export processes and rules for data mapping can be easily configured without necessitating any support from IT departments. This simplifies and accelerates product communication, especially with suppliers and retailers.

Dashboard: More helpful tiles

In the new release 17.0, the dashboard, which was introduced in 2016, has been expanded to include additional tiles, one of which enables you to track the status of translation jobs. In addition, the expanded dashboard will now depict content in a context-sensitive manner, which means that visualizations and features will be provided individually, dependent on the data’s context (navigation structure). Also new: the dashboard enables you to visualize data from external data sources, for even greater flexibility and transparency in your central PIM system.

Data Quality: Even better data quality insights

Thanks to additional expansions, the Data Quality module, which was first introduced last year with Release CS16.1, now offers an even better data quality overview. All areas of activity are visualized at a glance and drilldown menus provide the related details. Necessary corrections can be carried out via a tried-and-true status-based workflow and depending on the data quality, process chains can be executed in an automated manner – guaranteeing maximum data quality for all output channels and languages.

Customers and partners can read about additional features and innovations that the new Release CS 17.0 has to offer in the new release notes.

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